BUG: unable to handle kernel paging request in __ext4_expand_extra_isize
Status: fixed on 2019/12/13 00:31
Fix commit: 4ea99936 ext4: add more paranoia checking in ext4_expand_extra_isize handling
First crash: 606d, last: 249d
similar bugs (1):
Kernel Title Repro Bisected Count Last Reported Patched Status
linux-4.19 BUG: unable to handle kernel paging request in __ext4_expand_extra_isize 1 204d 204d 0/1 auto-closed as invalid on 2020/03/13 17:51

Sample crash report:

Crashes (6):
Manager Time Kernel Commit Syzkaller Config Log Report Syz repro C repro Maintainers
ci-upstream-kasan-gce-root 2019/10/01 08:51 upstream 54ecb8f7 c7a4fb99 .config log report,,,
ci-upstream-kasan-gce-root 2019/09/15 17:22 upstream 1609d760 32d59357 .config log report,,,
ci-upstream-kasan-gce-root 2019/09/07 20:20 upstream 1e3778cb a60cb4cd .config log report,,,
ci-upstream-kasan-gce-smack-root 2019/03/16 05:41 upstream 6c83d0d5 bab43553 .config log report,,,
ci-upstream-kasan-gce-root 2018/11/19 06:52 upstream c67a98c0 adf636a8 .config log report,,,
ci-upstream-kasan-gce-smack-root 2018/10/09 15:17 upstream 64c5e530 8b311eaf .config log report,,,