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BUG: unable to handle kernel paging request in reiserfs_get_block origin:upstream C 2 28d 28d 28d
UBSAN: array-index-out-of-bounds in dbJoin origin:upstream C 5 32d 35d 35d
possible deadlock in try_to_wake_up (2) origin:upstream C 13 14h57m 40d 40d
possible deadlock in uinput_request_submit origin:upstream C 2 12d 44d 44d
WARNING: suspicious RCU usage in get_callchain_entry origin:upstream C 61 1h33m 53d 53d
KASAN: use-after-free Read in sysv_new_inode origin:upstream C 7 4d15h 57d 51d
WARNING: locking bug in evict origin:upstream syz 1 4d23h 58d 58d
INFO: task hung in __gfs2_lookup origin:upstream C 6 18d 59d 59d
possible deadlock in chmod_common origin:upstream C error 1 61d 61d 61d
possible deadlock in htab_lock_bucket origin:upstream C 1 26d 62d 62d
WARNING in __xdp_reg_mem_model origin:upstream C 2 28d 63d 63d
UBSAN: shift-out-of-bounds in dbSplit origin:upstream C 18 12d 63d 63d
INFO: task hung in exfat_write_inode (2) origin:upstream C 123 3h26m 64d 37d
INFO: rcu detected stall in sys_renameat origin:upstream syz error 1 65d 65d 65d
WARNING in skb_ensure_writable origin:upstream C 423 1h05m 66d 66d
possible deadlock in __mmap_lock_do_trace_acquire_returned origin:upstream C 58 20h31m 66d 65d
INFO: task hung in lock_metapage origin:upstream C 81 5d22h 66d 53d
WARNING in dbAdjTree origin:upstream C 81 12d 66d 66d
WARNING in smsusb_start_streaming/usb_submit_urb origin:upstream C 1 34d 66d 66d
possible deadlock in __stack_map_get origin:upstream C 7 12d 66d 66d
KASAN: use-after-free Read in jfs_syncpt origin:upstream C 10 4d23h 67d 34d
possible deadlock in queue_stack_map_push_elem origin:upstream C 8 5d09h 68d 68d
INFO: task hung in gfs2_glock_nq origin:upstream C 7 17d 68d 51d
INFO: trying to register non-static key in txEnd origin:upstream C 10 10d 70d 70d
possible deadlock in __queue_map_get origin:upstream C 10 22d 71d 64d
possible deadlock in sock_map_delete_elem origin:upstream missing-backport C 79 7d00h 73d 68d
WARNING in emulate_vsyscall origin:upstream missing-backport C 3 30d 73d 73d
WARNING in sock_map_close origin:upstream C 60 4d21h 75d 75d
kernel BUG in unrefer_xattr_datum origin:upstream missing-backport C inconclusive 2 28d 75d 75d
WARNING in tcp_recvmsg_locked origin:upstream C 1 9d12h 75d 75d
kernel BUG in jffs2_del_ino_cache origin:upstream C 74 29d 76d 76d
possible deadlock in team_port_change_check origin:upstream C 7 6d12h 78d 78d
UBSAN: array-index-out-of-bounds in jfs_readdir origin:upstream C error 31 53d 78d 78d
possible deadlock in open_xa_dir (2) origin:upstream C 85 8d23h 79d 79d
possible deadlock in sock_map_update_common origin:upstream C 11 14d 81d 66d
KASAN: use-after-free Read in ntfs_iget5 (2) origin:upstream C 3 7d19h 81d 38d
possible deadlock in team_del_slave origin:upstream C 25 6d22h 83d 83d
possible deadlock in vfs_fileattr_set origin:upstream C error 2 51d 83d 83d
general protection fault in dev_map_enqueue origin:upstream missing-backport C 78 2d05h 84d 83d
KASAN: use-after-free Read in dump_schedule origin:upstream syz error 2 65d 85d 85d
possible deadlock in sock_hash_delete_elem origin:upstream missing-backport C 94 8d04h 85d 67d
possible deadlock in kvfree_call_rcu origin:upstream C 338 53m 88d 77d
possible deadlock in trie_delete_elem origin:upstream C 2252 30m 90d 90d
possible deadlock in scheduler_tick origin:upstream missing-backport C 237 31d 90d 86d
WARNING in cm109_urb_irq_callback/usb_submit_urb origin:upstream C 5 18d 92d 67d
possible deadlock in __lock_task_sighand origin:upstream C 170 1d02h 95d 40d
WARNING in vkms_get_vblank_timestamp origin:upstream C 2 27d 95d 95d
INFO: rcu detected stall in sys_openat (2) origin:upstream C 4 6d09h 97d 97d
KASAN: use-after-free Write in txEnd origin:upstream C 55 23h31m 99d 80d
possible deadlock in __bpf_ringbuf_reserve origin:upstream C 36 1h19m 101d 101d
possible deadlock in filename_create (2) origin:upstream C 13 13d 107d 107d
BUG: unable to handle kernel paging request in prepare_for_delete_or_cut origin:upstream C 2 19d 108d 108d
INFO: rcu detected stall in security_file_ioctl origin:upstream C 1 22d 119d 119d
KASAN: slab-out-of-bounds Write in shmem_file_read_iter origin:upstream C 5 10d 138d 77d
KASAN: slab-out-of-bounds Write in hfsplus_bnode_read_key origin:upstream C 10 16d 140d 140d
possible deadlock in smc_release origin:upstream missing-backport C 4 6d18h 141d 140d
INFO: rcu detected stall in sys_sendto origin:upstream C 1 4d19h 144d 144d
BUG: unable to handle kernel paging request in bpf_probe_read_compat_str origin:upstream missing-backport C done 1 102d 147d 83d
INFO: rcu detected stall in sys_exit_group (3) origin:upstream C 7 10d 147d 116d
WARNING: proc registration bug in bcm_connect origin:upstream C error 28 53d 156d 155d
INFO: rcu detected stall in process_one_work origin:upstream C 2 27d 161d 161d
KASAN: out-of-bounds Read in ext4_ext_remove_space origin:upstream missing-backport C 2 12d 167d 167d
KASAN: use-after-free Write in ntfs_perform_write origin:upstream missing-backport C inconclusive 8 48d 169d 168d
divide error in do_journal_end origin:upstream C 36 5d07h 171d 171d
WARNING in inc_nlink (2) origin:upstream C 36 23d 172d 172d
INFO: task hung in ext4_quota_write origin:upstream missing-backport C 9 16d 174d 168d
WARNING in perf_event_release_kernel origin:upstream C error 1 49d 176d 176d
KASAN: use-after-free Read in ntfs_attr_find (2) origin:upstream missing-backport C inconclusive 2 33d 179d 179d
WARNING in btrfs_remove_chunk (2) origin:upstream C 3 23d 181d 120d
kernel BUG in filemap_unaccount_folio origin:upstream C 6 15d 188d 188d
WARNING: bad unlock balance in ext4_ioctl origin:upstream C 2 21d 189d 189d
possible deadlock in console_emit_next_record origin:upstream C 38 32d 195d 92d
INFO: rcu detected stall in sys_unshare origin:upstream C 1 26d 197d 197d
WARNING in lookup_slow origin:upstream missing-backport C inconclusive 6 3d06h 198d 198d
SYZFAIL: tun: can't open /dev/net/tun origin:upstream syz 1 4d17h 201d 201d
WARNING in kcm_write_msgs origin:upstream C 2 8d17h 203d 105d
kernel BUG in dbFindBits origin:upstream C 31 28d 209d 119d
kernel panic: EXT4-fs (device loop0): panic forced after error origin:upstream C 1 16d 210d 210d
SYZFAIL: both fault injection and rerun are enabled for the same call origin:upstream syz 2 5d21h 212d 212d
kernel BUG in ipgre_header origin:upstream C error 5 53d 213d 213d
WARNING in format_decode origin:upstream C 130 7d17h 213d 213d
kernel BUG in prog_array_map_poke_run origin:upstream missing-backport C unreliable 3 178d 223d 223d
SYZFAIL: tun read failed origin:upstream syz 6 11d 231d 231d
general protection fault in inherit_task_group origin:upstream missing-backport C inconclusive 3 143d 234d 234d
INFO: task hung in truncate_inode_pages_final origin:upstream C 6 22d 237d 237d
SYZFAIL: ebtable checkpoint: socket(AF_INET, SOCK_STREAM, IPPROTO_TCP) origin:upstream syz 2 21d 244d 244d
WARNING in btrfs_commit_transaction origin:upstream C 12 20d 251d 143d
KASAN: wild-memory-access Read in read_block_bitmap origin:upstream missing-backport C 13 14d 254d 254d
kernel BUG in reiserfs_rename origin:upstream C 1 29d 263d 263d
inconsistent lock state in valid_state (2) origin:upstream missing-backport C done 283 1h24m 269d 221d
KASAN: use-after-free Read in ext4_find_extent origin:upstream missing-backport C done 1 50d 273d 31d
WARNING in rcu_check_gp_start_stall origin:upstream C 2 19d 274d 274d
INFO: task hung in usbdev_release (2) origin:upstream C error 6 54d 275d 275d
WARNING in udf_setsize origin:upstream C 3 12d 276d 276d
kernel BUG in txEnd origin:upstream C 1 11d 276d 276d
WARNING in do_open_execat origin:upstream missing-backport C inconclusive 9 67d 276d 276d
possible deadlock in j1939_sk_queue_drop_all (2) origin:upstream missing-backport C unreliable 2 116d 276d 276d
divide error in drm_mode_debug_printmodeline origin:upstream C 1 16d 277d 277d
WARNING in hfsplus_free_extents origin:upstream C error 10 19h40m 277d 277d
INFO: task hung in perf_event_free_task origin:upstream missing-backport C error 3 175d 280d 280d
INFO: task hung in blkdev_flush_mapping origin:upstream C 13 8d13h 282d 274d
KASAN: out-of-bounds Read in leaf_insert_into_buf origin:upstream C 3 27d 290d 290d
BUG: soft lockup in fq_pie_timer (2) origin:upstream C inconclusive 5 60d 294d 178d
KASAN: null-ptr-deref Write in udf_bread origin:upstream missing-backport C done 51 4d15h 294d 181d
possible deadlock in vfs_setxattr origin:upstream C 5 17d 300d 300d
BUG: unable to handle kernel paging request in do_journal_end origin:upstream C 3 16d 302d 302d
BUG: MAX_LOCKDEP_ENTRIES too low! origin:upstream C 2 7d08h 302d 302d
WARNING in cleanup_transaction origin:upstream C 15 7d10h 307d 307d
WARNING in wnd_add_free_ext origin:upstream missing-backport C inconclusive 5 183d 308d 308d
WARNING in btrfs_create_pending_block_groups origin:upstream missing-backport C inconclusive 5 48d 310d 310d
kernel BUG in btrfs_free_tree_block origin:upstream missing-backport C inconclusive 3 98d 310d 310d
INFO: rcu detected stall in hub_event origin:upstream C 4 9d13h 311d 311d
kernel BUG in dbFindLeaf origin:upstream C 3 32d 318d 318d
UBSAN: shift-out-of-bounds in befs_check_sb origin:upstream C error 5 151d 318d 318d
kernel BUG in dnotify_free_mark origin:upstream missing-backport C done 6 9d10h 324d 208d
kernel BUG in ntfs_lookup_inode_by_name origin:upstream missing-backport C 10 15d 333d 333d
kernel BUG in __ext4_journal_stop origin:upstream C 1 30d 337d 337d
UBSAN: array-index-out-of-bounds in truncate_inode_pages_final origin:upstream missing-backport C inconclusive 11 21d 339d 339d
WARNING in ext4_dirty_folio origin:upstream C done 11 73d 346d 262d
INFO: rcu detected stall in gc_worker origin:upstream C 38 10d 351d 351d
kernel BUG in ntfs_end_buffer_async_read origin:upstream missing-backport C inconclusive 3 98d 353d 353d
KASAN: wild-memory-access Read in hfsplus_bnode_dump origin:upstream C 12 11d 358d 358d
KASAN: stack-out-of-bounds Write in truncate_inode_pages_range origin:upstream missing-backport C inconclusive 1 248d 358d 358d
possible deadlock in do_journal_begin_r origin:upstream C 25 17d 359d 359d
kernel BUG in clear_state_bit origin:upstream missing-backport C inconclusive 4 98d 360d 360d
KASAN: out-of-bounds Read in leaf_copy_items_entirely origin:upstream C error 1 360d 360d 360d
general protection fault in create_empty_buffers origin:upstream missing-backport C unreliable 1 315d 361d 361d
possible deadlock in input_event origin:upstream C 181 3h12m 361d 306d
general protection fault in f2fs_drop_extent_tree origin:upstream missing-backport C unreliable 1 194d 361d 361d
WARNING in gfs2_check_blk_type origin:upstream C 11 24d 365d 365d
WARNING in btrfs_relocate_block_group origin:upstream C error 1 193d 365d 365d
kernel BUG in reiserfs_update_sd_size origin:upstream C 4 25d 365d 365d
kernel BUG in __page_table_check_zero origin:upstream C 3 23d 365d 365d
KASAN: use-after-free Read in ext4_search_dir origin:upstream C 1 28d 365d 365d
INFO: rcu detected stall in sys_newfstatat origin:upstream C 3 18d 366d 366d
KASAN: use-after-free Read in udf_sync_fs origin:upstream C 6 13d 366d 366d
kernel BUG in hfsplus_bnode_put origin:upstream C 4 15d 367d 367d
KASAN: use-after-free Read in leaf_paste_in_buffer origin:upstream C done 64 34d 368d 295d
kernel BUG in ip6gre_header origin:upstream C 1 29d 370d 370d
KASAN: slab-out-of-bounds Read in xlog_pack_data origin:upstream missing-backport C inconclusive 1 325d 370d 370d
WARNING in drop_nlink origin:upstream C 168 21d 372d 372d
possible deadlock in rds_wake_sk_sleep origin:upstream missing-backport C 1 7d06h 372d 372d
UBSAN: shift-out-of-bounds in ntfs_read_inode_mount origin:upstream missing-backport C 2 24d 373d 373d
SYZFAIL: netlink_send_ext: bad netlink ack type origin:upstream syz error 1 91d 373d 373d
BUG: soft lockup in do_idle origin:upstream C 16 15d 374d 374d
WARNING: locking bug in ext4_move_extents missing-backport origin:upstream C 898 8h45m 375d 373d
WARNING in skb_checksum_help origin:upstream C 2417 5d05h 376d 376d
INFO: task hung in blk_freeze_queue origin:upstream C 1 30d 376d 376d
KASAN: slab-out-of-bounds Read in ntfs_readdir origin:upstream missing-backport C 63 13d 377d 377d
BUG: unable to handle kernel paging request in dtInsertEntry origin:upstream C error 8 35d 377d 377d
WARNING in corrupted/usb_submit_urb origin:upstream C 1 30d 377d 377d
INFO: task hung in fuse_lookup origin:upstream syz error 3 78d 377d 377d
kernel BUG in btrfs_exclop_balance origin:upstream missing-backport C done 1 202d 379d 189d
KASAN: slab-out-of-bounds Write in hfs_bnode_read_key origin:upstream C 2 29d 379d 379d
general protection fault in hci_uart_tty_ioctl origin:upstream missing-backport C done 1 289d 380d 276d
kernel BUG in txUnlock origin:upstream C 630 1h54m 380d 380d
KASAN: user-memory-access Write in __destroy_inode origin:upstream C 17 8d20h 380d 380d
KASAN: use-after-free Read in reiserfs_find_entry origin:upstream C 3 17d 380d 380d
KASAN: slab-out-of-bounds Read in ea_get origin:upstream C 5 17d 382d 382d
SYZFAIL: syz_usbip_server_init: socketpair failed origin:upstream syz 48 6d01h 383d 383d
UBSAN: shift-out-of-bounds in ntfs_iget origin:upstream missing-backport C 2 22d 383d 383d
WARNING: lock held when returning to user space in f2fs_write_single_data_page origin:upstream missing-backport C done 1 181d 385d 174d
KASAN: use-after-free Read in crc_itu_t origin:upstream C 5 30d 385d 385d
BUG: soft lockup in wg_packet_handshake_receive_worker origin:upstream C 6 13d 385d 385d
WARNING in handle_exception_nmi origin:upstream missing-backport C 25 29d 385d 385d
KASAN: out-of-bounds Write in end_buffer_read_sync origin:upstream C 20 9d06h 385d 42d
kernel BUG in do_journal_release origin:upstream C error 379 1d03h 388d 388d
BUG: Bad page state origin:upstream C 205 56m 388d 388d
possible deadlock in do_unlinkat origin:upstream C error 2 54d 389d 389d
kernel BUG in clear_inode origin:upstream C 13 9d03h 389d 358d
INFO: task hung in truncate_inode_pages_range origin:upstream C 2 25d 392d 392d
KASAN: vmalloc-out-of-bounds Read in cleanup_bitmap_list origin:upstream C 3 5d15h 393d 393d
INFO: task hung in nbd_add_socket origin:upstream C 2 21d 393d 393d
KASAN: use-after-free Write in mini_qdisc_pair_swap origin:upstream missing-backport syz unreliable 1 365d 396d 396d
KASAN: out-of-bounds Read in ext4_xattr_set_entry origin:upstream missing-backport syz unreliable 2 33d 396d 396d
UBSAN: array-index-out-of-bounds in dbAllocBits origin:upstream C 2 26d 396d 396d
WARNING in xfs_bmapi_convert_delalloc origin:upstream missing-backport C 7 14d 397d 397d
kernel BUG in reiserfs_cut_from_item origin:upstream C 35 11d 398d 360d
KASAN: stack-out-of-bounds Read in profile_pc origin:upstream C 501 4d13h 400d 400d
kernel BUG in __set_extent_bit origin:upstream C 5 28d 401d 401d
KASAN: use-after-free Read in ntfs_lookup_inode_by_name origin:upstream missing-backport C done 4 54d 401d 27d
kernel BUG in ntfs_iget origin:upstream missing-backport C done 6 48d 401d 40d
INFO: task hung in nfc_rfkill_set_block origin:upstream C 9 20d 405d 352d
WARNING in amradio_set_mute/usb_submit_urb origin:upstream C 2 16d 407d 407d
KASAN: use-after-free Read in jfs_lazycommit origin:upstream C 13 7d19h 407d 407d
KASAN: use-after-free Read in reiserfs_readdir_inode origin:upstream C 1 31d 407d 407d
WARNING: locking bug in ext4_xattr_inode_iget origin:upstream missing-backport C inconclusive 7 174d 409d 409d
KASAN: stack-out-of-bounds Read in gfs2_dump_glock origin:upstream C 4 16d 413d 385d
WARNING in ar5523_submit_rx_cmd/usb_submit_urb origin:upstream missing-backport C error 7 8d03h 414d 414d
WARNING in print_bfs_bug origin:upstream C 3 17d 415d 415d
BUG: unable to handle kernel paging request in ir_raw_event_store_with_filter origin:upstream C error 5 52d 415d 415d
KASAN: use-after-free Read in __dev_queue_xmit origin:upstream C error 2 52d 416d 387d
possible deadlock in do_page_mkwrite origin:upstream C 10 34d 416d 366d
INFO: task hung in blkdev_put origin:upstream C 125 4d12h 420d 361d
WARNING in hfsplus_bnode_create origin:upstream C 18 11d 420d 408d
INFO: task hung in nbd_ioctl origin:upstream C 7 20d 421d 358d
KASAN: use-after-free Read in search_by_entry_key origin:upstream C 13 25d 422d 405d
KASAN: null-ptr-deref Read in fix_nodes origin:upstream missing-backport C done 7 11d 428d 161d
WARNING in diUnmount origin:upstream missing-backport C inconclusive 3 320d 429d 366d
KASAN: slab-out-of-bounds Read in copy_page_from_iter_atomic origin:upstream C 7 22d 429d 413d
KASAN: use-after-free Read in ext4_convert_inline_data_nolock origin:upstream C 2 21d 430d 392d
BUG: unable to handle kernel paging request in direct2indirect origin:upstream C 21 15d 430d 381d
kernel BUG in reiserfs_in_journal origin:upstream C 12 29d 432d 359d
WARNING in inet_sock_destruct origin:upstream C 56 12d 433d 396d
kernel BUG in f2fs_evict_inode origin:upstream C 18 14d 434d 307d
BUG: MAX_LOCKDEP_KEYS too low! origin:upstream C error 11 54d 436d 401d
kernel BUG in insert_state_fast origin:upstream C 14 26d 437d 387d
INFO: rcu detected stall in syscall_exit_to_user_mode origin:upstream C 51 1d09h 438d 173d
kernel BUG in jfs_evict_inode origin:upstream C 495 6h53m 439d 373d
possible deadlock in reiserfs_dirty_inode origin:upstream C error 38 5h11m 439d 300d
WARNING in drm_wait_one_vblank origin:upstream C 8 11d 440d 391d
kernel BUG in do_journal_end origin:upstream C 51 4d10h 440d 393d
WARNING in journal_end origin:upstream C 44 1d13h 440d 380d
kernel BUG in hfs_write_inode origin:upstream C 1101 1h56m 441d 393d
INFO: task hung in flush_old_commits origin:upstream C 22 8d20h 441d 396d
kernel BUG in __hfsplus_setxattr origin:upstream C 43 5d23h 441d 377d
possible deadlock in pipe_write origin:upstream missing-backport C inconclusive 31 71d 442d 375d
INFO: task hung in __filemap_get_folio origin:upstream C 3 24d 442d 393d
WARNING in hfs_bnode_create origin:upstream C 52 18h06m 442d 401d
INFO: task hung in xlog_grant_head_check origin:upstream C error 142 5d06h 442d 394d
KASAN: use-after-free Read in try_to_wake_up origin:upstream C 44 11d 443d 271d
general protection fault in bfs_get_block origin:upstream C 1 5d02h 443d 443d
WARNING in carl9170_usb_submit_cmd_urb/usb_submit_urb origin:upstream missing-backport C error 2 10d 444d 444d
BUG: unable to handle kernel paging request in udf_close_lvid origin:upstream C 23 26d 444d 444d
INFO: task hung in usb_get_descriptor origin:upstream C error 6 54d 445d 408d
BUG: MAX_LOCKDEP_CHAIN_HLOCKS too low! origin:upstream C error 21 169d 447d 337d
possible deadlock in mnt_want_write origin:upstream missing-backport C done 56 204d 448d 195d
WARNING in __rate_control_send_low origin:upstream missing-backport C 205 9h39m 448d 386d
WARNING in firmware_fallback_sysfs origin:upstream missing-backport C 76 10d 450d 450d
BUG: please report to => prev = NUM, last = NUM at net/dccp/ccids/lib/packet_history.c:LINE/tfrc_rx origin:upstream C 21 16d 450d 450d
KASAN: use-after-free Read in reiserfs_get_unused_objectid origin:upstream C error 2 393d 451d 451d
WARNING in nilfs_btree_assign origin:upstream missing-backport C unreliable 18 284d 454d 396d
INFO: task hung in rfkill_global_led_trigger_worker origin:upstream C 89 9d19h 454d 381d
BUG: unable to handle kernel paging request in txBegin origin:upstream C 4 30d 455d 401d
possible deadlock in ntfs_set_state origin:upstream missing-backport C inconclusive 73 1d16h 455d 409d
possible deadlock in hfs_find_init origin:upstream C 56 2d07h 456d 367d
general protection fault in jfs_flush_journal origin:upstream C 75 6d05h 456d 371d
BUG: sleeping function called from invalid context in console_lock origin:upstream C 958 15d 456d 456d
WARNING in media_create_pad_link origin:upstream C 2 5d05h 456d 456d
possible deadlock in vm_mmap_pgoff origin:upstream C 35 8d19h 456d 407d
KASAN: slab-out-of-bounds Read in hfsplus_uni2asc origin:upstream C 126 7d11h 456d 408d
WARNING in kernfs_remove_by_name_ns origin:upstream C 15 17d 458d 458d
INFO: task hung in gfs2_jhead_process_page origin:upstream C error 32 4d23h 458d 371d
WARNING in __cfg80211_ibss_joined origin:upstream missing-backport C 28 3d13h 458d 458d
KASAN: use-after-free Read in ntfs_read_folio origin:upstream missing-backport C inconclusive 7 36d 458d 458d
KASAN: out-of-bounds Read in leaf_paste_entries origin:upstream C 55 13d 458d 408d
WARNING in btrfs_space_info_update_bytes_may_use origin:upstream C 167 30d 458d 457d
possible deadlock in mi_read origin:upstream C 529 15h20m 459d 410d
WARNING in ieee80211_start_next_roc origin:upstream missing-backport C done 97 12d 460d 220d
possible deadlock in hfsplus_find_init origin:upstream C 74 11h28m 461d 387d
possible deadlock in ntfs_read_folio origin:upstream missing-backport C unreliable 112 8d07h 462d 452d
possible deadlock in mnt_want_write_file origin:upstream C 497 33d 462d 408d
BUG: corrupted list in efivar_entry_remove origin:upstream missing-backport C inconclusive 37 90d 462d 461d
BUG: unable to handle kernel paging request in lmLogSync origin:upstream C 501 1d08h 462d 462d
possible deadlock in path_openat origin:upstream C 156 34d 463d 366d
possible deadlock in hfsplus_file_extend origin:upstream C 2317 33m 463d 312d
WARNING in mark_buffer_dirty origin:upstream C 44 7d15h 463d 460d
BUG: unable to handle kernel paging request in hfs_find_init origin:upstream C 25 20d 463d 366d
kernel BUG in ntfs_perform_write origin:upstream missing-backport C done 111 34d 463d 33d
WARNING in __v9fs_get_acl origin:upstream missing-backport C error 1245 4d13h 463d 463d
WARNING in __ieee80211_beacon_get origin:upstream C 974 3h06m 463d 457d
INFO: rcu detected stall in corrupted origin:upstream C 929 4d10h 463d 322d
UBSAN: shift-out-of-bounds in extAlloc origin:upstream missing-backport C done 203 213d 463d 191d
kernel BUG in ext4_write_inline_data_end origin:upstream C 36 26d 464d 464d
kernel BUG in ext4_writepages origin:upstream C 56 18d 464d 308d
kernel BUG in close_ctree origin:upstream missing-backport C 451 1d08h 464d 462d
possible deadlock in ext4_xattr_inode_iget origin:upstream C error 40 52d 464d 407d
kernel BUG in gfs2_glock_nq origin:upstream C 179 5h16m 464d 464d
INFO: task hung in hub_port_init origin:upstream C 49 30d 464d 373d
WARNING in dev_watchdog origin:upstream missing-backport C inconclusive 146 57d 464d 386d
no output from test machine origin:upstream missing-backport C unreliable 693 14m 466d 466d
UBSAN: shift-out-of-bounds in ntfs_fill_super origin:upstream missing-backport C inconclusive 2434 12m 466d 410d
INFO: task hung in sync_inodes_sb origin:upstream missing-backport C 190 6h05m 466d 465d
UBSAN: array-index-out-of-bounds in find_lock_entries origin:upstream missing-backport C inconclusive 2 247d 467d 467d
WARNING in ieee80211_link_info_change_notify origin:upstream missing-backport C 770 22h02m 467d 465d
WARNING in get_vaddr_frames origin:upstream missing-backport C done 433 261d 467d 237d
WARNING in __folio_mark_dirty origin:upstream C 45545 15m 468d 468d
WARNING in input_mt_init_slots origin:upstream C 1678 4d12h 468d 468d
INFO: task hung in blkdev_fallocate origin:upstream C error 17 29d 468d 463d
SYZFATAL: executor NUM failed NUM times: failed to create temp dir: mkdir ./syzkaller-testdirNUM: read-only file system origin:upstream syz 10585 9m 468d 466d
KASAN: use-after-free Read in dev_uevent origin:upstream missing-backport C 4 16d 468d 455d
BUG: MAX_LOCKDEP_CHAINS too low! origin:upstream missing-backport C inconclusive 51851 now 469d 466d
unregister_netdevice: waiting for DEV to become free missing-backport origin:upstream C inconclusive 484 2d13h 469d 380d
BUG: workqueue lockup origin:upstream C 145 5d09h 469d 455d