Instances [tested repos]:
Name Last active Uptime Corpus Coverage 🛈 Crashes Execs Kernel build syzkaller build
Commit Config Freshness Status Commit Freshness Status
ci2-netbsd 1h31m 5m 1509 43593 183 551566 0b7c760b9401 .config 16h14m 18f6e127 1d01h
ci2-netbsd-kmsan 1h30m 3h39m 2832 39830 303 262322 124fe5e84c3f .config 2d03h failing 18f6e127 1d01h
ci2-netbsd-kubsan 1h30m 15m 1729 51279 109 476718 0b7c760b9401 .config 16h14m 18f6e127 1d01h
upstream (192):
Title Repro Cause bisect Fix bisect Count Last Reported Last activity
UBSan: Undefined Behavior in fork1 (2) 1 10h36m 10h35m 10h35m
ASan: Unauthorized Access in uao_swap_off (2) 1 11h44m 11h43m 11h43m
assert failed: atomic_load_relaxed(&pp->pp_pte.pte_va) == NUM (3) 1 13h19m 13h18m 13h18m
panic: p_get_physpage: out of memory (2) 1 15h35m 15h34m 15h34m
panic: LOCKDEBUG: Reader / writer lock error: rw_vector_exit,NUM: no shared locks held by LWP 1 16h16m 16h15m 16h15m
panic: diagnostic assertion "(pg->pqflags & (PQ_INTENT_MASK | PQ_INTENT_SET)) != (PQ_INTENT_D | PQ_INTENT_SET)" failed: 1 18h44m 18h43m 18h43m
corrupted report (6) 2 18h25m 18h44m 18h44m
suppressed report (2) 4 7h34m 19h31m 19h31m
lost connection to test machine (3) 20 5h18m 19h51m 19h51m
go runtime error (2) 19 2h00m 21h02m 21h02m
MSan: Uninitialized Memory in ip6_hopopts_input 4 2h08m 21h07m 21h07m
UBSan: Undefined Behavior in dounmount C 109 4h54m 22h24m 17h26m
MSan: Uninitialized Memory in rip6_ctlinput C 1 122d 122d 122d
panic: kernel diagnosan-NUM.c.syzkallertic assertion "sn->sn_opencnt" failed: file "/syzkaller/managers/ci2-netbsd-kubsa C 1 158d 158d 158d
MSan: Uninitialized Memory in ufs_rmdir syz 1 168d 168d 168d
assert failed: fli->fli_trans_cnt == NUM (2) syz 3 107d 176d 107d
ASan: Unauthorized Access in ufs_rmdir syz 1 198d 198d 198d
page fault in uao_swap_off C 4 157d 225d 220d
SYZFAIL: failed to mkdir (2) syz 3 158d 225d 225d
MSan: Uninitialized Memory in uao_detach C 3 115d 226d 166d
MSan: Uninitialized Memory in fd_getfile C 6 101d 229d 229d
panic: hook_disestablish: hook ADDR not established syz 1 232d 232d 232d
UBSan: Undefined Behavior in _icmp6_input.cold C 2 234d 234d 234d
panic: cpu0: found cpu1 heart stopped beating and unresponsive C 11 92d 236d 170d
UBSan: Undefined Behavior in union_revoke C 1 260d 260d 260d
page fault in union_revoke C 3 259d 261d 261d
assert failed: rt->rt_ifp != NULL syz 12 93d 261d 126d
panic: LOCKDEBUG: Reader / writer lock error: rw_destroy,NUM: assertion failed: (rw->rw_owner & ~RW_NODEBUG) == NUM C 3 103d 267d 255d
panic: cpu1: time has not advanced in NUM heartbeats C 178 91d 273d 273d
panic: cpu0: softints stuck for NUM seconds C 213 92d 275d 275d
panic: cpu1: softints stuck for NUM seconds C 27 109d 275d 157d
page fault in Xintr_x2apic_ltimer (2) C 3 199d 277d 199d
page fault in uvm_pgflcache_alloc C 1 282d 282d 282d
ASan: Unauthorized Access in sl_compress_setup (2) C 5 95d 283d 282d
UBSan: Undefined Behavior in union_parsepath syz 2 294d 294d 294d
UBSan: Undefined Behavior in uao_swap_off C 6 103d 298d 232d
UBSan: Undefined Behavior in uioskip C 2 299d 299d 299d
ASan: Unauthorized Access in uao_detach C 30 15h23m 300d 300d
UBSan: Undefined Behavior in uao_detach (2) C 35 11h20m 300d 300d
page fault in uao_detach C 23 96d 300d 300d
ASan: Unauthorized Access in callout_hardclock C 6 278d 300d 300d
SYZFAIL: failed to mkdtemp syz 9 135d 306d 302d
assert failed: mutex_owned(&tty_lock) C 36 91d 311d 311d
netbsd build error (16) 2883 4h02m 317d 317d
UBSan: Undefined Behavior in device_xname (2) C 4 240d 318d 298d
assert failed: dev == sc->sc_dev C 2 244d 318d 318d
ASan: Unauthorized Access in config_detach_release C 1 318d 318d 318d
MSan: Uninitialized Memory in sysctl_rtable C 43 268d 329d 329d
assert failed: KERNEL_LOCKED_P() (2) C 46 330d 330d 330d
MSan: Uninitialized Memory in union_statvfs syz 1 339d 339d 339d
ASan: Unauthorized Access in dkwedge_add C 16 98d 340d 298d
ASan: Unauthorized Access in lf_advlock syz 1 340d 340d 340d
ASan: Unauthorized Access in in6pcb_notify C 27 19h18m 342d 342d
MSan: Uninitialized Memory in callout_softclock C 12 107d 343d 331d
MSan: Uninitialized Memory in sysctl_dumpentry C 2 210d 345d 345d
panic: stack overflow detected; terminated (2) C 4 129d 345d 345d
assert failed: entry->next->start <= entry->end C 25 162d 348d 348d
ASan: Unauthorized Access in callout_softclock C 11 116d 363d 331d
ASan: Unauthorized Access in rt_msg2 C 3 320d 363d 329d
panic: vrelel: bad ref count (2) C 101 179d 369d 352d
assert failed: (use & VUSECOUNT_MASK) > NUM (2) syz 15 231d 379d 298d
ASan: Unauthorized Access in ifreq_setaddr (3) C 210 8h47m 382d 382d
MSan: Uninitialized Memory in ifreq_setaddr (2) C 79 2h45m 382d 382d
UBSan: Undefined Behavior in psref_release C 34 94d 383d 383d
panic: The psref isn't in the list (releasing unused psref?): psref=ADDR target=ADDR C 186 18h20m 383d 383d
MSan: Uninitialized Memory in psref_release C 84 91d 383d 383d
panic: state is LOADED, usecount NUM, expected ACTIVE at genfs_lock:NUM C 6 286d 384d 384d
assert failed: c->c_func != NULL C 8 151d 396d 269d
panic: kmem_free(ADDR, NUM) != allocated size NUM; overwrote? (2) syz 2 122d 402d 402d
UBSan: Undefined Behavior in physio_done.cold C 2 403d 403d 403d
MSan: Uninitialized Memory in compat_43_sys_recvmsg C 9 291d 406d 406d
ASan: Unauthorized Access in ttioctl (3) syz 17 120d 407d 304d
ASan: Unauthorized Access in rn_match C 2 409d 409d 409d
assert failed: np->netc_anon == NULL C 2 412d 412d 412d
assert failed: ne->ne_defexported.netc_anon == NULL C 3 407d 412d 411d
ASan: Unauthorized Access in export C 2 416d 416d 416d
protection fault in xrstor64 C 110 410d 416d 416d
ASan: Unauthorized Access in m_copyback_internal C 9 189d 425d 425d
MSan: Uninitialized Memory in kpreempt C 1 431d 431d 431d
ASan: Unauthorized Access in union_statvfs syz 15 149d 435d 423d
MSan: Uninitialized Memory in db_frame_info C 5 321d 440d 383d
UBSan: Undefined Behavior in compat_43_sys_getdirentries C 2 440d 440d 440d
MSan: Uninitialized Memory in ttwrite C 1 449d 449d 449d
page fault in __asan_load4 (4) C 29 96d 478d 478d
page fault in ptyfs_unmount syz 1 481d 481d 481d
panic: LOCKDEBUG: Mutex error: mutex_vector_enter,NUM: locking against myself C 26 135d 486d 486d
page fault in iostat_free C 2 494d 494d 494d
ASan: Unauthorized Access in callout_stop (2) syz 4 212d 505d 475d
page fault in sl_compress_setup C 64 92d 537d 537d
UBSan: Undefined Behavior in ffs_realloccg.cold (2) C 3 483d 551d 551d
assert failed: !dev->dv_detach_done C 10 342d 566d 566d
ASan: Unauthorized Access in config_detach C 11 384d 567d 564d
UBSan: Undefined Behavior in sys_modctl C 9 257d 570d 570d
page fault in kasan_kcopy C 1 577d 577d 577d
page fault in __asan_store1 (2) C 17 101d 583d 551d
MSan: Uninitialized Memory in ksyms_getname C 25 282d 591d 531d
assert failed: sn->sn_opencnt (2) C 211 8h41m 591d 575d
panic: sw_reg_strategy: swap to sparse file C 1249 4h56m 594d 129d
page fault in __asan_load8 (7) C 172 122d 597d 574d
panic: LOCKDEBUG: Reader / writer lock error: rw_vector_enter,NUM: locking against myself C 10724 3h48m 597d 597d
MSan: Uninitialized Memory in quota1_handle_cmd_put C 36 140d 601d 601d
MSan: Uninitialized Memory in export C 6 125d 602d 602d
MSan: Uninitialized Memory in kauth_cred_setgroups C 16 126d 602d 588d
ASan: Unauthorized Access in nfs_export_update_30 (2) C 94 109d 602d 602d
MSan: Uninitialized Memory in cpu_softintr_p C 1 605d 605d 605d
MSan: Uninitialized Memory in db_nextframe C 74 250d 606d 603d
UBSan: Undefined Behavior in compat_ifconf (2) C 216 2h13m 606d 595d
assert failed: (cnp->cn_flags & LOCKPARENT) == NUM || searchdir == NULL || VOP_ISLOCKED(searchdir) == LK_EXCLUSIVE (2) C 36 482d 625d 623d
assert failed: mp->mnt_refcnt > NUM || mutex_owned(&mountlist_lock) C 13 9h52m 631d 481d
assert failed: !dev->dv_detached C 2 598d 633d 633d
panic: ASan: Unauthorized Access In ADDR: Addr ADDR [NUM bytes, read, PoolUseAfterFree] C 5 581d 639d 636d
panic: bpf_change_type C 18 104d 691d 691d
panic: pmap_get_physpage: out of memory (4) C 84656 1h48m 706d 471d
UBSan: Undefined Behavior in hardupdate C 63 19h28m 718d 384d
SYZFATAL: executor NUM failed NUM times: failed to start executor binary: fork/exec /root/syz-executor: permission denie syz 144760 1h33m 723d 722d
assert failed: dev->ud_ifaces == NULL C 8879 90d 759d 660d
ASan: Unauthorized Access in psignal (3) C 11 182d 759d 759d
page fault in Xintr_legacy8 C 5 268d 816d 816d
assert failed: sn->sn_opencnt == NUM C 15 734d 818d 706d
UBSan: Undefined Behavior in wsmouse_do_ioctl C 41 368d 834d 834d
ASan: Unauthorized Access in wsmouse_do_ioctl C 48 367d 834d 834d
assert failed: (pg->pqflags & (PQ_INTENT_MASK | PQ_INTENT_SET)) != (PQ_INTENT_D | PQ_INTENT_SET) (2) C 86 91d 845d 170d
assert failed: c->c_magic == CALLOUT_MAGIC (2) C 88 92d 846d 333d
UBSan: Undefined Behavior in uaudio_attach C 5 700d 846d 846d
UBSan: Undefined Behavior in mutex_enter C 6 240d 849d 849d
SYZFAIL: %s (2) syz 51 475d 852d 849d
page fault in __asan_load1 (2) C 116 759d 861d 861d
page fault in usb_free_device C 97 759d 861d 859d
UBSan: Undefined Behavior in usb_free_device (2) C 117 759d 861d 861d
page fault in __asan_loadN (2) C 7 732d 898d 898d
UBSan: Undefined Behavior in addupc_task C 3 493d 967d 967d
panic: LOCKDEBUG: Mutex error: kmem_intr_free,286: allocation contains active lock (2) C 48 616d 1039d 766d
panic: uvm_fault(ADDR, ADDR, 1) -> e (2) C 2 1065d 1066d 1065d
UBSan: Undefined Behavior in itimer_callout.cold C 12 201d 1096d 646d
integer divide fault in itimer_callout C 39 155d 1096d 1096d
panic: kmsan_md_addr_to_shad: impossible, va=ADDR (2) C 8 102d 1118d 1118d
page fault in intrfastexit: addb %al,0(%rax)?intrfastexit() at netbsd:intrfastexitx86_stihlt() at netbsd:x86_st syz 1 1120d 1120d 1120d
panic: rw_vector_enter,305: uninitialized lock (lock=ADDR, from=ADDR) C 30 118d 1121d 1121d
MSan: Uninitialized Memory in mutex_enter syz 1 1121d 1121d 655d
SYZFAIL: clone failed syz 11742 90d 1128d 839d
UBSan: Undefined Behavior in midisyn_notify.cold C 143 142d 1130d 1130d
assert failed: nmp == NULL || nmp == mp C 464 96d 1133d 1133d
SYZFAIL: syz_usb_connect: vhci_open failed syz 2309 146d 1150d 1150d
UBSan: Undefined Behavior in spec_close C 92 123d 1176d 729d
panic: LOCKDEBUG: Kernel lock error: _kernel_lock,240: spinout C 1343 115d 1211d 610d
panic: LOCKDEBUG: Mutex error: _mutex_init,359: already initialized C 53 115d 1221d 1221d
page fault in mutex_dump C 265 103d 1221d 1221d
assert failed: (mp->mnt_iflag & IMNT_GONE) == 0 C 43 650d 1242d 657d
page fault in wskbd_do_ioctl C 44 361d 1256d 1256d
ASan: Unauthorized Access in wskbd_do_ioctl C 116 363d 1256d 1256d
UBSan: Undefined Behavior in wskbd_do_ioctl C 71 365d 1256d 1256d
assert failed: vrefcnt(vp) > 0 C 18 130d 1272d 729d
panic: LOCKDEBUG: Reader / writer lock error: mi_userret,116: sleep lock heldWARNING: defaulted mmap() share type to MAP C 1 1278d 1278d 1278d
assert failed: fp != NULL (2) C 16 219d 1295d 1229d
panic: mutex_vector_enter,512: uninitialized lock (lock=ADDR, from=ADDR) C 197 99d 1300d 1242d
UBSan: Undefined Behavior in VFS_ROOT C 6 820d 1300d 1247d
panic: kmsan_md_addr_to_shad: impossible, va=0x0 (2) C 47 388d 1300d 1300d
assert failed: bytes != 0 (2) C 11 94d 1307d 1168d
UBSan: Undefined Behavior in mfs_doio C 16 109d 1314d 1314d
page fault in virtio_pci_msix_queue_intr: addb %al,0(%rax)?virtio_pci_msix_queue_intr() at netbsd:virtio_pci_m C 2 1315d 1315d 1315d
UBSan: Undefined Behavior in wsmousedoioctl C 9 1231d 1315d 1315d
page fault in wsmousedoioctl C 71 371d 1316d 1316d
ASan: Unauthorized Access in wsmousedoioctl C 5 1278d 1316d 1316d
page fault in usb_event_thread C 1 599d 1320d 766d
page fault in wsmux_do_ioctl C 24 122d 1324d 1324d
UBSan: Undefined Behavior in wsmux_do_ioctl C 39 121d 1324d 1324d
ASan: Unauthorized Access in wsmux_do_ioctl C 57 92d 1324d 1324d
ASan: Unauthorized Access in mount_domount C 420 1h33m 1327d 1269d
assert failed: (PHYS_TO_VM_PAGE(pmap_pte2pa(opte)) == NULL) C 41 250d 1330d 1330d
panic: kmsan_intr_enter: lwp->ctx = 16 C 8 542d 1349d 1349d
page fault in mutex_enter C 28 240d 1351d 1271d
UBSan: Undefined Behavior in uvm_page_owner_locked_p C 183 233d 1352d 1352d
panic: LOCKDEBUG: Reader / writer lock error: mi_userret,116: sleep lock held C 358 100d 1355d 1355d
assert failed: ks->ks_pshared_proc == NULL C 568 14h38m 1358d 1357d
panic: LOCKDEBUG: Mutex error: rw_vector_enter,309: spin lock held C 626 98d 1358d 1358d
assert failed: ps->ps_endoffset != endoffset C 4166 13h39m 1391d 1391d
panic: LOCKDEBUG: Kernel lock error: _kernel_lock,244: spinout C 92 1212d 1430d 610d
fault in supervisor mode (2) C 3749 90d 1432d 1349d
ASan: Unauthorized Access in pmap_growkernel C 4093 4h44m 1443d 1425d
assert failed: hispgrp->pg_jobc > 0 C 14122 1h39m 1445d 1445d
assert failed: pgrp->pg_jobc > 0 C 2044 165d 1445d 1445d
assert failed: c->c_cpu->cc_lwp == curlwp || c->c_cpu->cc_active != c (3) syz 138 294d 1494d 1287d
panic: fpudna from kernel, ip ADDR, trapframe ADDR syz 4687 9h02m 1506d 646d
MSan: Uninitialized Memory in uiomove C 1596 14h37m 1507d 652d
assert failed: rv (2) C 149 345d 1634d 1494d
assert failed: pg->wire_count != 0 (3) C 232 128d 1649d 1646d
assert failed: proccnt >= 0 C 165 10h03m 1746d 657d
panic: uvm_fault_unwire_locked: address not in map C 54 98d 1754d 1753d
assert failed: entry->next != &map->header && entry->next->start <= entry->end C 114 368d 1763d 1763d
assert failed: (so2->so_options & SO_ACCEPTCONN) == 0 || so2->so_lock == uipc_lock C 243 168d 1873d 1758d
assert failed: lwpcnt >= 0 C 14173 2h12m 1877d 729d
no output from test machine C 2078415 1h57m 1879d 1869d