Instances [tested repos]:
Name Last active Uptime Corpus Coverage 🛈 Crashes Execs Kernel build syzkaller build
Commit Config Freshness Status Commit Freshness Status
ci2-netbsd now 17m 1163 37596 17 31071 0005ec539384 .config 9h28m 21339d7b 1d07h
ci2-netbsd-kmsan now 1h24m 1422 29920 10 6453 0005ec539384 .config 9h28m 21339d7b 1d07h
ci2-netbsd-kubsan now 1h15m 1288 43609 8 8174 0005ec539384 .config 9h28m 21339d7b 1d07h
upstream (212):
Title Repro Cause bisect Fix bisect Count Last Reported Last activity
panic: agnostic assertion "hispgrp->pg_jobc > NUM" failed: file "/syzkaller/managers/ci2-netbsd-kmsan/kernel/sys/kern/ke 1 6h56m 6h55m 6h55m
panic: t_physpage: out of memory (3) 1 10h21m 10h20m 10h20m
panic: NUM.ADDR] cpu1: Begin traceback... (3) 1 10h29m 10h28m 10h28m
panic: (6) 1 13h41m 13h40m 13h40m
protection fault in Xosyscall 1 14h11m 14h10m 14h10m
panic: map_get_physpage: out of memory (2) 3 13h36m 15h32m 15h32m
panic: et_physpage: out of memory (2) 1 15h40m 15h39m 15h39m
panic: ap_get_physpage: out of memory (4) 3 6h55m 20h09m 20h09m
panic: e: out of memory (2) 1 21h07m 21h07m 21h07m
assert failed: (use & VUSECOUNT_MASK) == NUM (2) 1 1d00h 1d00h 1d00h
assert failed: c->c_cpu == cc (3) 1 1d11h 1d11h 1d11h
assert failed: (c->c_flags & CALLOUT_PENDING) != NUM 1 1d19h 1d19h 1d19h
netbsd boot error: panic: cpu0: softints stuck for NUM seconds (2) 1 1d20h 1d20h 1d20h
panic: pmap'%f%*_get_physpage: ouNUMt of memory 1 2d03h 2d03h 2d03h
MSan: Uninitialized Memory in mount_domount syz 2 23h51m 2d06h 2d06h
panic: ufsdirhash_dirtrunc: blocks in use 1 3d11h 3d11h 3d11h
UBSan: Undefined Behavior in exit1 (4) 1 4d22h 4d22h 4d22h
assert failed: (i * BITMAP_SIZE) < pp->pr_itemsperpage 1 5d02h 5d02h 5d02h
assert failed: !samepage (3) C 2 3d02h 5d02h 3d02h
panic: LIST_INSERT_HEAD ADDR /syzkaller/managers/ci2-netbsd/kernel/sys/net/pfil.c:LINE 1 5d20h 5d20h 5d20h
UBSan: Undefined Behavior in sysctl_rtable (6) 4 23h25m 6d04h 6d04h
netbsd boot error: can't ssh into the instance (11) 5 15h52m 6d08h 6d08h
UBSan: Undefined Behavior in fork1 (2) 1 6d19h 6d19h 6d19h
ASan: Unauthorized Access in uao_swap_off (2) C 2 1d04h 6d20h 1d04h
assert failed: atomic_load_relaxed(&pp->pp_pte.pte_va) == NUM (3) 1 6d22h 6d22h 6d22h
panic: p_get_physpage: out of memory (2) 1 7d00h 7d00h 7d00h
panic: LOCKDEBUG: Reader / writer lock error: rw_vector_exit,NUM: no shared locks held by LWP 1 7d01h 7d01h 7d01h
panic: diagnostic assertion "(pg->pqflags & (PQ_INTENT_MASK | PQ_INTENT_SET)) != (PQ_INTENT_D | PQ_INTENT_SET)" failed: 1 7d03h 7d03h 7d03h
corrupted report (6) 12 23h56m 7d03h 7d03h
suppressed report (2) 91 1h01m 7d04h 7d04h
lost connection to test machine (3) 96 1h02m 7d04h 7d04h
go runtime error (2) 118 29m 7d06h 7d06h
MSan: Uninitialized Memory in rip6_ctlinput C 1 128d 128d 128d
panic: kernel diagnosan-NUM.c.syzkallertic assertion "sn->sn_opencnt" failed: file "/syzkaller/managers/ci2-netbsd-kubsa C 1 164d 164d 164d
MSan: Uninitialized Memory in ufs_rmdir syz 1 174d 174d 174d
assert failed: fli->fli_trans_cnt == NUM (2) syz 3 114d 182d 114d
ASan: Unauthorized Access in ufs_rmdir syz 1 205d 205d 205d
page fault in uao_swap_off C 5 6d07h 231d 226d
SYZFAIL: failed to mkdir (2) syz 3 164d 232d 232d
MSan: Uninitialized Memory in uao_detach C 3 121d 232d 172d
MSan: Uninitialized Memory in fd_getfile C 6 107d 235d 235d
panic: hook_disestablish: hook ADDR not established syz 1 239d 239d 239d
UBSan: Undefined Behavior in _icmp6_input.cold C 2 241d 241d 241d
panic: cpu0: found cpu1 heart stopped beating and unresponsive C 12 2d12h 242d 176d
UBSan: Undefined Behavior in union_revoke C 1 267d 267d 267d
page fault in union_revoke C 3 266d 267d 267d
assert failed: rt->rt_ifp != NULL syz 12 99d 267d 132d
panic: LOCKDEBUG: Reader / writer lock error: rw_destroy,NUM: assertion failed: (rw->rw_owner & ~RW_NODEBUG) == NUM C 3 110d 274d 261d
panic: cpu1: time has not advanced in NUM heartbeats C 181 6m 279d 279d
panic: cpu0: softints stuck for NUM seconds C 215 5d07h 282d 282d
panic: cpu1: softints stuck for NUM seconds C 31 40m 282d 164d
page fault in Xintr_x2apic_ltimer (2) C 4 1d14h 283d 206d
page fault in uvm_pgflcache_alloc C 1 289d 289d 289d
ASan: Unauthorized Access in sl_compress_setup (2) C 5 101d 289d 289d
UBSan: Undefined Behavior in union_parsepath syz 2 301d 301d 301d
UBSan: Undefined Behavior in uao_swap_off C 6 110d 304d 239d
UBSan: Undefined Behavior in uioskip C 2 305d 305d 305d
ASan: Unauthorized Access in uao_detach C 30 7d00h 306d 306d
UBSan: Undefined Behavior in uao_detach (2) C 35 6d20h 306d 306d
page fault in uao_detach C 23 102d 306d 306d
ASan: Unauthorized Access in callout_hardclock C 6 284d 307d 307d
SYZFAIL: failed to mkdtemp syz 9 141d 312d 309d
assert failed: mutex_owned(&tty_lock) C 36 97d 317d 317d
netbsd build error (16) 2893 5d00h 324d 324d
UBSan: Undefined Behavior in device_xname (2) C 4 246d 324d 304d
assert failed: dev == sc->sc_dev C 2 251d 324d 324d
ASan: Unauthorized Access in config_detach_release C 1 324d 324d 324d
MSan: Uninitialized Memory in sysctl_rtable C 43 274d 335d 335d
assert failed: KERNEL_LOCKED_P() (2) C 46 336d 336d 336d
MSan: Uninitialized Memory in union_statvfs syz 1 346d 346d 346d
ASan: Unauthorized Access in dkwedge_add C 16 105d 346d 304d
ASan: Unauthorized Access in lf_advlock syz 1 347d 347d 347d
ASan: Unauthorized Access in in6pcb_notify C 27 7d04h 348d 348d
MSan: Uninitialized Memory in callout_softclock C 12 114d 350d 337d
MSan: Uninitialized Memory in sysctl_dumpentry C 2 217d 352d 352d
panic: stack overflow detected; terminated (2) C 4 135d 352d 352d
assert failed: entry->next->start <= entry->end C 25 168d 355d 354d
ASan: Unauthorized Access in callout_softclock C 11 122d 369d 338d
ASan: Unauthorized Access in rt_msg2 C 3 327d 369d 335d
panic: vrelel: bad ref count (2) C 101 186d 375d 358d
assert failed: (use & VUSECOUNT_MASK) > NUM (2) syz 15 237d 385d 305d
ASan: Unauthorized Access in ifreq_setaddr (3) C 210 6d17h 389d 389d
MSan: Uninitialized Memory in ifreq_setaddr (2) C 83 5d04h 389d 389d
UBSan: Undefined Behavior in psref_release C 34 101d 389d 389d
panic: The psref isn't in the list (releasing unused psref?): psref=ADDR target=ADDR C 189 2d00h 389d 389d
MSan: Uninitialized Memory in psref_release C 85 3d04h 389d 389d
panic: state is LOADED, usecount NUM, expected ACTIVE at genfs_lock:NUM C 6 292d 390d 390d
assert failed: c->c_func != NULL C 8 158d 402d 276d
panic: kmem_free(ADDR, NUM) != allocated size NUM; overwrote? (2) syz 2 128d 408d 408d
UBSan: Undefined Behavior in physio_done.cold C 2 409d 409d 409d
MSan: Uninitialized Memory in compat_43_sys_recvmsg C 9 297d 412d 412d
ASan: Unauthorized Access in ttioctl (3) syz 17 126d 414d 310d
ASan: Unauthorized Access in rn_match C 2 415d 415d 415d
assert failed: np->netc_anon == NULL C 2 418d 418d 418d
assert failed: ne->ne_defexported.netc_anon == NULL C 3 414d 418d 418d
ASan: Unauthorized Access in export C 2 422d 422d 422d
protection fault in xrstor64 C 110 416d 422d 422d
ASan: Unauthorized Access in m_copyback_internal C 9 196d 431d 431d
MSan: Uninitialized Memory in kpreempt C 1 437d 437d 437d
ASan: Unauthorized Access in union_statvfs syz 15 155d 442d 429d
MSan: Uninitialized Memory in db_frame_info C 5 327d 446d 389d
UBSan: Undefined Behavior in compat_43_sys_getdirentries C 2 446d 446d 446d
MSan: Uninitialized Memory in ttwrite C 1 455d 455d 455d
page fault in __asan_load4 (4) C 29 102d 484d 484d
page fault in ptyfs_unmount syz 1 487d 487d 487d
panic: LOCKDEBUG: Mutex error: mutex_vector_enter,NUM: locking against myself C 34 14h57m 492d 492d
page fault in iostat_free C 2 500d 500d 500d
ASan: Unauthorized Access in callout_stop (2) syz 5 4d13h 511d 481d
page fault in sl_compress_setup C 65 3d01h 543d 543d
UBSan: Undefined Behavior in ffs_realloccg.cold (2) C 3 490d 558d 558d
assert failed: !dev->dv_detach_done C 10 349d 572d 572d
ASan: Unauthorized Access in config_detach C 11 391d 573d 571d
UBSan: Undefined Behavior in sys_modctl C 9 263d 576d 576d
page fault in kasan_kcopy C 1 583d 583d 583d
page fault in __asan_store1 (2) C 17 107d 589d 558d
MSan: Uninitialized Memory in ksyms_getname C 25 289d 597d 538d
assert failed: sn->sn_opencnt (2) C 212 5d19h 598d 582d
panic: sw_reg_strategy: swap to sparse file C 1342 11h18m 600d 135d
page fault in __asan_load8 (7) C 174 1d07h 603d 581d
panic: LOCKDEBUG: Reader / writer lock error: rw_vector_enter,NUM: locking against myself C 10857 19m 603d 603d
MSan: Uninitialized Memory in quota1_handle_cmd_put C 36 146d 608d 608d
MSan: Uninitialized Memory in export C 6 132d 608d 608d
MSan: Uninitialized Memory in kauth_cred_setgroups C 17 3d20h 608d 594d
ASan: Unauthorized Access in nfs_export_update_30 (2) C 104 1d01h 608d 608d
MSan: Uninitialized Memory in cpu_softintr_p C 1 612d 612d 612d
MSan: Uninitialized Memory in db_nextframe C 74 256d 612d 609d
UBSan: Undefined Behavior in compat_ifconf (2) C 232 1d15h 613d 602d
assert failed: (cnp->cn_flags & LOCKPARENT) == NUM || searchdir == NULL || VOP_ISLOCKED(searchdir) == LK_EXCLUSIVE (2) C 36 488d 631d 630d
assert failed: mp->mnt_refcnt > NUM || mutex_owned(&mountlist_lock) C 13 6d18h 637d 487d
assert failed: !dev->dv_detached C 2 605d 640d 640d
panic: ASan: Unauthorized Access In ADDR: Addr ADDR [NUM bytes, read, PoolUseAfterFree] C 5 587d 646d 642d
panic: bpf_change_type C 18 110d 697d 697d
panic: pmap_get_physpage: out of memory (4) C 87276 now 712d 478d
UBSan: Undefined Behavior in hardupdate C 63 7d04h 724d 391d
SYZFATAL: executor NUM failed NUM times: failed to start executor binary: fork/exec /root/syz-executor: permission denie syz 145333 50m 729d 729d
assert failed: dev->ud_ifaces == NULL C 8885 5h31m 765d 667d
ASan: Unauthorized Access in psignal (3) C 11 189d 766d 766d
page fault in Xintr_legacy8 C 5 275d 822d 822d
assert failed: sn->sn_opencnt == NUM C 15 740d 824d 713d
UBSan: Undefined Behavior in wsmouse_do_ioctl C 41 374d 841d 841d
ASan: Unauthorized Access in wsmouse_do_ioctl C 48 373d 841d 841d
assert failed: (pg->pqflags & (PQ_INTENT_MASK | PQ_INTENT_SET)) != (PQ_INTENT_D | PQ_INTENT_SET) (2) C 87 1d14h 852d 177d
assert failed: c->c_magic == CALLOUT_MAGIC (2) C 97 4h29m 852d 340d
UBSan: Undefined Behavior in uaudio_attach C 5 706d 853d 853d
UBSan: Undefined Behavior in mutex_enter C 6 247d 855d 855d
SYZFAIL: %s (2) syz 51 482d 858d 855d
page fault in __asan_load1 (2) C 116 765d 868d 868d
page fault in usb_free_device C 97 766d 868d 866d
UBSan: Undefined Behavior in usb_free_device (2) C 117 766d 868d 868d
page fault in __asan_loadN (2) C 7 738d 905d 905d
UBSan: Undefined Behavior in addupc_task C 3 500d 973d 973d
panic: LOCKDEBUG: Mutex error: kmem_intr_free,286: allocation contains active lock (2) C 48 622d 1045d 773d
panic: uvm_fault(ADDR, ADDR, 1) -> e (2) C 2 1072d 1072d 1072d
UBSan: Undefined Behavior in itimer_callout.cold C 12 207d 1102d 653d
integer divide fault in itimer_callout C 39 161d 1102d 1102d
panic: kmsan_md_addr_to_shad: impossible, va=ADDR (2) C 8 108d 1124d 1124d
page fault in intrfastexit: addb %al,0(%rax)?intrfastexit() at netbsd:intrfastexitx86_stihlt() at netbsd:x86_st syz 1 1126d 1126d 1126d
panic: rw_vector_enter,305: uninitialized lock (lock=ADDR, from=ADDR) C 32 2d08h 1127d 1127d
MSan: Uninitialized Memory in mutex_enter syz 1 1128d 1128d 662d
SYZFAIL: clone failed syz 11742 97d 1134d 845d
UBSan: Undefined Behavior in midisyn_notify.cold C 143 148d 1137d 1137d
assert failed: nmp == NULL || nmp == mp C 465 1d02h 1139d 1139d
SYZFAIL: syz_usb_connect: vhci_open failed syz 2309 153d 1157d 1157d
UBSan: Undefined Behavior in spec_close C 92 129d 1182d 735d
panic: LOCKDEBUG: Kernel lock error: _kernel_lock,240: spinout C 1344 4d03h 1218d 616d
panic: LOCKDEBUG: Mutex error: _mutex_init,359: already initialized C 53 122d 1228d 1228d
page fault in mutex_dump C 266 12h14m 1228d 1228d
assert failed: (mp->mnt_iflag & IMNT_GONE) == 0 C 43 656d 1248d 663d
page fault in wskbd_do_ioctl C 44 368d 1262d 1262d
ASan: Unauthorized Access in wskbd_do_ioctl C 116 369d 1262d 1262d
UBSan: Undefined Behavior in wskbd_do_ioctl C 71 372d 1262d 1262d
assert failed: vrefcnt(vp) > 0 C 19 6d02h 1278d 735d
panic: LOCKDEBUG: Reader / writer lock error: mi_userret,116: sleep lock heldWARNING: defaulted mmap() share type to MAP C 1 1284d 1284d 1284d
assert failed: fp != NULL (2) C 16 225d 1301d 1235d
panic: mutex_vector_enter,512: uninitialized lock (lock=ADDR, from=ADDR) C 197 105d 1306d 1248d
UBSan: Undefined Behavior in VFS_ROOT C 6 826d 1306d 1253d
panic: kmsan_md_addr_to_shad: impossible, va=0x0 (2) C 47 395d 1307d 1307d
assert failed: bytes != 0 (2) C 11 100d 1313d 1174d
UBSan: Undefined Behavior in mfs_doio C 16 115d 1321d 1321d
page fault in virtio_pci_msix_queue_intr: addb %al,0(%rax)?virtio_pci_msix_queue_intr() at netbsd:virtio_pci_m C 2 1321d 1321d 1321d
UBSan: Undefined Behavior in wsmousedoioctl C 9 1238d 1322d 1322d
page fault in wsmousedoioctl C 71 377d 1322d 1322d
ASan: Unauthorized Access in wsmousedoioctl C 5 1284d 1322d 1322d
page fault in usb_event_thread C 1 606d 1326d 773d
page fault in wsmux_do_ioctl C 25 3d02h 1330d 1330d
UBSan: Undefined Behavior in wsmux_do_ioctl C 40 3d14h 1330d 1330d
ASan: Unauthorized Access in wsmux_do_ioctl C 57 98d 1330d 1330d
ASan: Unauthorized Access in mount_domount C 1484 7m 1333d 1275d
assert failed: (PHYS_TO_VM_PAGE(pmap_pte2pa(opte)) == NULL) C 41 257d 1336d 1336d
panic: kmsan_intr_enter: lwp->ctx = 16 C 8 549d 1355d 1355d
page fault in mutex_enter C 28 247d 1358d 1277d
UBSan: Undefined Behavior in uvm_page_owner_locked_p C 184 1d22h 1359d 1359d
panic: LOCKDEBUG: Reader / writer lock error: mi_userret,116: sleep lock held C 365 1d00h 1361d 1361d
assert failed: ks->ks_pshared_proc == NULL C 605 1h08m 1364d 1363d
panic: LOCKDEBUG: Mutex error: rw_vector_enter,309: spin lock held C 628 1d23h 1364d 1364d
assert failed: ps->ps_endoffset != endoffset C 4177 23h31m 1398d 1398d
panic: LOCKDEBUG: Kernel lock error: _kernel_lock,244: spinout C 92 1218d 1436d 616d
fault in supervisor mode (2) C 3755 2d10h 1439d 1355d
ASan: Unauthorized Access in pmap_growkernel C 4160 1h14m 1449d 1431d
assert failed: hispgrp->pg_jobc > 0 C 14274 now 1451d 1451d
assert failed: pgrp->pg_jobc > 0 C 2045 3d20h 1451d 1451d
assert failed: c->c_cpu->cc_lwp == curlwp || c->c_cpu->cc_active != c (3) syz 138 301d 1501d 1293d
panic: fpudna from kernel, ip ADDR, trapframe ADDR syz 4710 19h59m 1512d 653d
MSan: Uninitialized Memory in uiomove C 1604 2d12h 1514d 659d
assert failed: rv (2) C 150 3d17h 1641d 1501d
assert failed: pg->wire_count != 0 (3) C 232 134d 1656d 1653d
assert failed: proccnt >= 0 C 166 5h12m 1753d 664d
panic: uvm_fault_unwire_locked: address not in map C 54 104d 1760d 1760d
assert failed: entry->next != &map->header && entry->next->start <= entry->end C 114 375d 1769d 1769d
assert failed: (so2->so_options & SO_ACCEPTCONN) == 0 || so2->so_lock == uipc_lock C 245 3d10h 1880d 1764d
assert failed: lwpcnt >= 0 C 14359 1h35m 1883d 735d
no output from test machine C 2078836 now 1886d 1876d