fixed bugs (22)
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ci-akaros-main now 1h06m 2748 3056 7100 178345 6627be2d 19d 4d342240 3h12m
open (10):
Title Repro Bisected Count Last Reported
akaros build error 5 22d 26d
kernel panic: Proc-ful Page Fault in the Kernel at ADDR! (2) C 14035 12m 56d
kernel panic: rpc tags (2) C 2282809 now 337d
lost connection to test machine (2) C 85104 now 337d
assertion failed: BHLEN(bp) >= offsetof(struct etherpkt, data) C 188 10h51m 340d
kernel panic: [German Accent]: OOM for a small slab growth!!! (2) C 700 1h30m 342d
kernel panic: Arena kpages, request for zero C 826 36d 342d
kernel panic: OOM! (2) C 520 1h55m 343d
no output from test machine C 274 1d16h 344d
corrupted report 55346 17h16m 344d