BUG: unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference in call_timer_fn

Status: auto-closed as invalid on 2020/09/20 01:08
First crash: 790d, last: 763d
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Kernel Title Repro Cause bisect Fix bisect Count Last Reported Patched Status
upstream BUG: unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference in call_timer_fn 1 568d 568d 0/22 auto-closed as invalid on 2021/03/03 09:48
android-54 BUG: unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference in call_timer_fn (2) 3 12d 71d 0/2 upstream: reported on 2022/04/15 00:29
android-54 BUG: unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference in call_timer_fn 5 522d 698d 0/2 auto-closed as invalid on 2021/05/18 23:15

Sample crash report:
BUG: unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference at           (null)
IP:           (null)
PGD aa980067 P4D aa980067 PUD 8c082067 PMD 0 
Oops: 0010 [#1] PREEMPT SMP KASAN
Modules linked in:
CPU: 1 PID: 6331 Comm: syz-fuzzer Not tainted 4.14.181-syzkaller #0
Hardware name: Google Google Compute Engine/Google Compute Engine, BIOS Google 01/01/2011
task: ffff888097efc100 task.stack: ffff888098698000
RIP: 0010:          (null)
RSP: 0000:ffff8880aed07d48 EFLAGS: 00010206
RAX: 0000000000000000 RBX: ffff888000191880 RCX: 0000000000000000
RDX: 0000000000000100 RSI: 00000000ffffffff RDI: 0000000000000000
RBP: 0000000000000100 R08: 0000000000000000 R09: 0000000000000001
R10: ffff888097efc988 R11: ffff888097efc100 R12: ffff8880aed07d88
R13: 1ffff11015da0fad R14: 1ffff11015da0fd2 R15: 0000000000000001
FS:  000000c420323c90(0000) GS:ffff8880aed00000(0000) knlGS:0000000000000000
CS:  0010 DS: 0000 ES: 0000 CR0: 0000000080050033
CR2: 0000000000000000 CR3: 00000000a0fe1000 CR4: 00000000001426e0
DR0: 0000000000000000 DR1: 0000000000000000 DR2: 0000000000000000
DR3: 0000000000000000 DR6: 00000000fffe0ff0 DR7: 0000000000000400
Call Trace:
 call_timer_fn+0x14a/0x650 kernel/time/timer.c:1279
 expire_timers+0x233/0x4d0 kernel/time/timer.c:1318
 __run_timers kernel/time/timer.c:1636 [inline]
 run_timer_softirq+0x1d8/0x5b0 kernel/time/timer.c:1649
 __do_softirq+0x254/0x9bf kernel/softirq.c:288
 invoke_softirq kernel/softirq.c:368 [inline]
 irq_exit+0x15b/0x1a0 kernel/softirq.c:409
 exiting_irq arch/x86/include/asm/apic.h:648 [inline]
 smp_apic_timer_interrupt+0x141/0x5f0 arch/x86/kernel/apic/apic.c:1102
 apic_timer_interrupt+0x93/0xa0 arch/x86/entry/entry_64.S:793
RIP: 0033:0x6fd0f5
RSP: 002b:000000c426114a08 EFLAGS: 00000216 ORIG_RAX: ffffffffffffff10
RAX: 0000000000000000 RBX: 0000000000000000 RCX: 000000c427ab8ec0
RDX: 00000000011fe1c0 RSI: 0000000000000038 RDI: 000000c42630c780
RBP: 000000c426114b40 R08: 0000000000000000 R09: 0000000000000000
R10: 00000000009f14cb R11: 0000000000000008 R12: 0000000000000000
R13: 00000000000000f3 R14: 0000000000000033 R15: 0000000000000080
Code:  Bad RIP value.
RIP:           (null) RSP: ffff8880aed07d48
CR2: 0000000000000000
---[ end trace 0b22ef1a9e5a32ed ]---

Crashes (2):
Manager Time Kernel Commit Syzkaller Config Log Report Syz repro C repro VM info Title
ci2-linux-4-14 2020/05/23 01:07 linux-4.14.y a41ba30d9df2 4afdfa20 .config log report
ci2-linux-4-14 2020/04/25 09:03 linux-4.14.y 050272a0423e a113ba38 .config log report