WARNING in do_mknodat

Status: auto-obsoleted due to no activity on 2023/11/25 05:54
First crash: 282d, last: 282d
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Kernel Title Repro Cause bisect Fix bisect Count Last Reported Patched Status
upstream WARNING in do_mknodat fs 1 520d 464d 0/26 closed as invalid on 2023/02/16 16:02
upstream WARNING in do_mknodat (3) fs 46 1d23h 85d 0/26 moderation: reported on 2024/03/01 11:23
linux-6.1 WARNING in do_mknodat 1 205d 205d 0/3 auto-obsoleted due to no activity on 2024/02/10 13:02
upstream WARNING in do_mknodat (2) fs 11 189d 458d 0/26 auto-obsoleted due to no activity on 2024/02/16 05:28
linux-6.1 WARNING in do_mknodat (2) 18 1d15h 40d 0/3 upstream: reported on 2024/04/15 19:44
linux-5.15 WARNING in do_mknodat (2) 3 13d 171d 0/3 upstream: reported on 2023/12/06 15:13

Sample crash report:
------------[ cut here ]------------
DEBUG_RWSEMS_WARN_ON((rwsem_owner(sem) != current) && !rwsem_test_oflags(sem, RWSEM_NONSPINNABLE)): count = 0x0, magic = 0xffff000120d7b6d0, owner = 0x0, curr 0xffff0000cc810000, list empty
WARNING: CPU: 0 PID: 28980 at kernel/locking/rwsem.c:1342 __up_write kernel/locking/rwsem.c:1341 [inline]
WARNING: CPU: 0 PID: 28980 at kernel/locking/rwsem.c:1342 up_write+0x384/0x438 kernel/locking/rwsem.c:1594
Modules linked in:
CPU: 0 PID: 28980 Comm: syz-executor.3 Not tainted 5.15.127-syzkaller #0
Hardware name: Google Google Compute Engine/Google Compute Engine, BIOS Google 07/12/2023
pstate: 60400005 (nZCv daif +PAN -UAO -TCO -DIT -SSBS BTYPE=--)
pc : __up_write kernel/locking/rwsem.c:1341 [inline]
pc : up_write+0x384/0x438 kernel/locking/rwsem.c:1594
lr : __up_write kernel/locking/rwsem.c:1341 [inline]
lr : up_write+0x384/0x438 kernel/locking/rwsem.c:1594
sp : ffff80001d8c7bc0
x29: ffff80001d8c7bd0 x28: ffff000122aeb300 x27: 00000000fffffffb
x26: dfff800000000000 x25: 1fffe000241af6e7 x24: ffff000120d7b728
x23: 0000000000000000 x22: 0000000000000000 x21: ffff0000cc810000
x20: ffff000120d7b6d0 x19: ffff000120d7b6d0 x18: 0000000000000001
x17: ff80800008334ef4 x16: ffff800011967c34 x15: ffff800008334ef4
x14: 00000000ffffffff x13: ffffffffffffffff x12: 0000000000040000
x11: 0000000000024378 x10: ffff80002352e000 x9 : 6348799bf629c000
x8 : 6348799bf629c000 x7 : fffffffffffe3608 x6 : fffffffffffe35d0
x5 : ffff80001d8c7338 x4 : ffff8000149bc230 x3 : ffff80000854c990
x2 : 0000000000000001 x1 : 0000000100000000 x0 : 00000000000000bd
Call trace:
 __up_write kernel/locking/rwsem.c:1341 [inline]
 up_write+0x384/0x438 kernel/locking/rwsem.c:1594
 inode_unlock include/linux/fs.h:792 [inline]
 done_path_create fs/namei.c:3815 [inline]
 do_mknodat+0x410/0x674 fs/namei.c:3938
 __do_sys_mknodat fs/namei.c:3951 [inline]
 __se_sys_mknodat fs/namei.c:3948 [inline]
 __arm64_sys_mknodat+0xb0/0xcc fs/namei.c:3948
 __invoke_syscall arch/arm64/kernel/syscall.c:38 [inline]
 invoke_syscall+0x98/0x2b8 arch/arm64/kernel/syscall.c:52
 el0_svc_common+0x138/0x258 arch/arm64/kernel/syscall.c:142
 do_el0_svc+0x58/0x14c arch/arm64/kernel/syscall.c:181
 el0_svc+0x7c/0x1f0 arch/arm64/kernel/entry-common.c:596
 el0t_64_sync_handler+0x84/0xe4 arch/arm64/kernel/entry-common.c:614
 el0t_64_sync+0x1a0/0x1a4 arch/arm64/kernel/entry.S:584
irq event stamp: 644
hardirqs last  enabled at (643): [<ffff80000832ab34>] __up_console_sem+0xb4/0x100 kernel/printk/printk.c:257
hardirqs last disabled at (644): [<ffff8000119632c8>] el1_dbg+0x24/0x80 arch/arm64/kernel/entry-common.c:387
softirqs last  enabled at (142): [<ffff8000080300b4>] local_bh_enable+0x10/0x34 include/linux/bottom_half.h:31
softirqs last disabled at (140): [<ffff800008030080>] local_bh_disable+0x10/0x34 include/linux/bottom_half.h:18
---[ end trace e91d7b908c63153b ]---

Crashes (1):
Time Kernel Commit Syzkaller Config Log Report Syz repro C repro VM info Assets (help?) Manager Title
2023/08/17 05:53 linux-5.15.y f6f7927ac664 74b106b6 .config console log report info [disk image] [vmlinux] [kernel image] ci2-linux-5-15-kasan-arm64 WARNING in do_mknodat
* Struck through repros no longer work on HEAD.