Title Repro Cause bisect Fix bisect Count Last Reported Patched Closed Patch
WARNING: proc registration bug in scsi_host_alloc origin:lts-only C inconclusive 28 16d 382d 3/3 8d12h cea234bb214b scsi: core: Fix unremoved procfs host directory regression
BUG: unable to handle kernel paging request in bpf_probe_read_kernel_str origin:upstream C done 1 42d 75d 3/3 10d e8a67fe34b76 x86/mm: Disallow vsyscall page read for copy_from_kernel_nofault()
BUG: unable to handle kernel paging request in copy_from_kernel_nofault origin:upstream C done 2 52d 155d 3/3 21d e8a67fe34b76 x86/mm: Disallow vsyscall page read for copy_from_kernel_nofault()
KASAN: use-after-free Read in unix_stream_read_actor origin:lts-only C done 1 158d 159d 3/3 127d 75bcfc188abf af_unix: fix use-after-free in unix_stream_read_actor()
INFO: task hung in xfs_buf_delwri_pushbuf origin:lts-only C done 30 167d 401d 3/3 135d 8d0baec78e8a xfs: fix intermittent hang during quotacheck
general protection fault in inherit_task_group origin:upstream C done 4 168d 174d 3/3 135d 21b07a2e6095 perf/core: Fix potential NULL deref
WARNING in isotp_tx_timer_handler C done 3 169d 373d 3/3 137d e163ad6a8639 can: isotp: add local echo tx processing and tx without FC
UBSAN: shift-out-of-bounds in extAlloc origin:upstream C done 217 214d 406d 3/3 182d 8f994b830dd0 jfs: validate max amount of blocks before allocation.
possible deadlock in exfat_iterate origin:upstream C done 81 252d 385d 3/3 195d 1c33ca1e1974 exfat: release s_lock before calling dir_emit()
KASAN: null-ptr-deref Write in get_block origin:upstream missing-backport C done 2 261d 307d 3/3 199d afd9a31b5aa4 fs/sysv: Null check to prevent null-ptr-deref bug
possible deadlock in hugetlbfs_file_mmap origin:lts-only C done 242 267d 405d 3/3 203d d0eb4917f4d3 sched/cpuset: Bring back cpuset_mutex
INFO: task hung in drop_current_rng origin:lts-only C done 307 271d 404d 3/3 204d f5634d21541e hwrng: virtio - don't wait on cleanup
WARNING in corrupted C done 3 282d 396d 3/3 208d 784a8027b8ac media: usb: siano: Fix warning due to null work_func_t function pointer
WARNING in usbnet_start_xmit/usb_submit_urb C done 2 284d 340d 3/3 208d 27d0f755d649 net: usbnet: Fix WARNING in usbnet_start_xmit/usb_submit_urb
UBSAN: shift-out-of-bounds in dbFree origin:upstream C done 1 293d 354d 3/3 212d de984faecddb jfs: jfs_dmap: Validate db_l2nbperpage while mounting
WARNING in nilfs_btree_assign C done 26 304d 379d 3/3 252d b12011cea56b nilfs2: fix buffer corruption due to concurrent device reads
BUG: unable to handle kernel paging request in ext4_acquire_dquot origin:lts-only C done 2 304d 340d 3/3 258d 32c2f51fffec quota: Properly disable quotas when add_dquot_ref() fails
BUG: unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference in hdr_find_e origin:lts-only C done 8 308d 393d 3/3 261d 333feb7ba84f fs/ntfs3: Check fields while reading
WARNING in nilfs_segctor_do_construct C done 2 315d 336d 3/3 273d 4357336192ed nilfs2: fix possible out-of-bounds segment allocation in resize ioctl
possible deadlock in ext4_xattr_set_handle C done 42 316d 408d 3/3 276d bdbfbb7d5057 ext4: add EA_INODE checking to ext4_iget()
general protection fault in gfs2_evict_inode C done 4 320d 371d 3/3 286d fd8b4e28f400 gfs2: Don't deref jdesc in evict
WARNING: bad unlock balance in l2cap_bredr_sig_cmd origin:lts-only C done 5 331d 363d 3/3 297d 116b9c002c89 Bluetooth: L2CAP: fix "bad unlock balance" in l2cap_disconnect_rsp
possible deadlock in sys_quotactl_fd origin:upstream C done 167 331d 380d 3/3 297d 1de53f2223eb ext4: fix lockdep warning when enabling MMP
WARNING: bad unlock balance in l2cap_recv_frame origin:lts-only C done 5 330d 354d 3/3 297d 116b9c002c89 Bluetooth: L2CAP: fix "bad unlock balance" in l2cap_disconnect_rsp
WARNING in hfsplus_cat_write_inode origin:lts-only C done 9 333d 394d 3/3 297d 37cab61a52d6 fs: hfsplus: remove WARN_ON() from hfsplus_cat_{read,write}_inode()
WARNING: ODEBUG bug in __do_softirq origin:lts-only C done 1 338d 340d 3/3 308d cff0af3d1364 net/sched: sch_ingress: Only create under TC_H_INGRESS
kernel BUG in end_page_writeback origin:lts-only C done 6 347d 397d 3/3 316d 9a7f63283af6 f2fs: fix to avoid use-after-free for cached IPU bio
BUG: unable to handle kernel paging request in sctp_outq_tail C done 2 375d 407d 3/3 343d 667eb99cf7c1 sctp: check send stream number after wait_for_sndbuf
BUG: unable to handle kernel paging request in io_arm_poll_handler C done 11 394d 404d 3/3 357d f4ba55411cc8 io_uring: avoid null-ptr-deref in io_arm_poll_handler
WARNING: refcount bug in qrtr_node_lookup C done 1 399d 399d 3/3 367d b9ba5906c420 net: qrtr: Fix a refcount bug in qrtr_recvmsg()
KASAN: use-after-free Read in hfsplus_releasepage C done 1 406d 406d 3/3 373d 05103d88482d fs: hfsplus: fix UAF issue in hfsplus_put_super
possible deadlock in l2tp_tunnel_register C done 41 405d 408d 3/3 373d f6df58aa15f7 l2tp: Avoid possible recursive deadlock in l2tp_tunnel_register()