general protection fault in vb2_mmap
Status: fixed on 2019/11/11 16:48
Fix commit: cd26d1c4d1bc media: vb2: vb2_mmap: move lock up
First crash: 1123d, last: 1079d

Cause bisection: the issue happens on the oldest tested release (bisect log)
Crash: BUG: unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference in vb2_mmap (log)
Repro: C syz .config

Fix bisection: fixed by (bisect log) :
commit cd26d1c4d1bc947b56ae404998ae2276df7b39b7
Author: Hans Verkuil <>
Date: Tue Nov 13 14:06:46 2018 +0000

  media: vb2: vb2_mmap: move lock up

Sample crash report:

Crashes (21):
Manager Time Kernel Commit Syzkaller Config Log Report Syz repro C repro VM info Title
ci-upstream-kasan-gce-selinux-root 2018/11/12 06:12 upstream e12e00e388de 7b5f8621 .config log report syz C
ci-upstream-kasan-gce-smack-root 2018/11/12 04:09 upstream e12e00e388de 7b5f8621 .config log report syz C
ci-upstream-linux-next-kasan-gce-root 2018/11/11 23:41 linux-next 442b8cea2477 7b5f8621 .config log report syz C
ci-upstream-kasan-gce 2018/12/25 11:42 upstream 8fe28cb58bcb 8a41a0ad .config log report
ci-upstream-kasan-gce 2018/12/24 15:24 upstream 8fe28cb58bcb be79df56 .config log report
ci-upstream-kasan-gce 2018/12/22 06:16 upstream 5092adb2272e 603b5124 .config log report
ci-upstream-kasan-gce-root 2018/12/18 20:29 upstream ddfbab46539f 4edaba93 .config log report
ci-upstream-kasan-gce-root 2018/12/17 17:19 upstream 7566ec393f41 def91db3 .config log report
ci-upstream-kasan-gce-smack-root 2018/12/09 05:45 upstream 8214bdf7d3e6 c7918378 .config log report
ci-upstream-kasan-gce-selinux-root 2018/12/05 06:46 upstream 0072a0c14d5b f162ad97 .config log report
ci-upstream-kasan-gce-root 2018/12/01 20:48 upstream d8f190ee836a 5a581673 .config log report
ci-upstream-kasan-gce 2018/11/14 10:42 upstream ccda4af0f4b9 5f5f6d14 .config log report
ci-upstream-kasan-gce-selinux-root 2018/11/11 23:10 upstream e255aee5b66c 7b5f8621 .config log report
ci-upstream-kasan-gce-selinux-root 2018/11/10 23:15 upstream ab6e1f378f54 f3c4e618 .config log report
ci-upstream-kasan-gce-386 2018/12/01 23:41 upstream d8f190ee836a 5a581673 .config log report
ci-upstream-kasan-gce-386 2018/11/24 18:50 upstream 7c98a4261827 ecc7c870 .config log report
ci-upstream-kasan-gce-386 2018/11/23 07:14 upstream edeca3a769ad 87815d9d .config log report
ci-upstream-kasan-gce-386 2018/11/16 14:57 upstream da5322e65940 f5e275d1 .config log report
ci-upstream-linux-next-kasan-gce-root 2018/11/26 00:55 linux-next 442b8cea2477 3d3ec907 .config log report
ci-upstream-linux-next-kasan-gce-root 2018/11/14 13:28 linux-next 442b8cea2477 5f5f6d14 .config log report
ci-upstream-linux-next-kasan-gce-root 2018/11/11 23:11 linux-next 442b8cea2477 7b5f8621 .config log report