WARNING in add_event_to_ctx
Status: upstream: reported C repro on 2019/06/20 13:17
First crash: 575d, last: 563d

Cause bisection: introduced by (bisect log) :
commit 33ea4b24277b06dbc55d7f5772a46f029600255e
Author: Song Liu <>
Date: Wed Dec 6 22:45:16 2017 +0000

  perf/core: Implement the 'perf_uprobe' PMU

Crash: WARNING in perf_group_attach (log)
Repro: C syz .config

Fix bisection: fixed by (bisect log) :
commit 311633b604063a8a5d3fbc74d0565b42df721f68
Author: Cong Wang <>
Date: Wed Jul 10 06:24:54 2019 +0000

  hsr: switch ->dellink() to ->ndo_uninit()

similar bugs (2):
Kernel Title Repro Cause bisect Fix bisect Count Last Reported Patched Status
android-49 WARNING in add_event_to_ctx C 13 414d 498d 0/3 public: reported C repro on 2019/09/05 03:44
android-414 WARNING in add_event_to_ctx C 30 418d 498d 0/1 public: reported C repro on 2019/09/05 03:08
Patch testing requests:
Created Duration User Patch Repo Result
2020/09/11 09:28 5m master error

Sample crash report:

Crashes (7):
Manager Time Kernel Commit Syzkaller Config Log Report Syz repro C repro VM info Maintainers
ci-upstream-kasan-gce-smack-root 2019/07/01 20:16 upstream 6fbc7275 907bf746 .config log report syz C,,,,,,,,,,,,,
ci-upstream-kasan-gce-smack-root 2019/06/20 08:10 upstream abf02e29 34bf9440 .config log report syz C,,,,,,,,,,,,,
ci-upstream-kasan-gce-smack-root 2019/07/02 14:00 upstream 6fbc7275 55565fa0 .config log report,,,,,,,,,,,,,
ci-upstream-kasan-gce-smack-root 2019/06/30 19:02 upstream 6fbc7275 699d6448 .config log report,,,,,,,,,,,,,
ci-upstream-kasan-gce-smack-root 2019/06/30 16:16 upstream 6fbc7275 7509bf36 .config log report,,,,,,,,,,,,,
ci-upstream-kasan-gce-smack-root 2019/06/28 00:39 upstream 249155c2 7509bf36 .config log report,,,,,,,,,,,,,
ci-upstream-kasan-gce-smack-root 2019/06/20 07:25 upstream abf02e29 34bf9440 .config log report,,,,,,,,,,,,,