Applied filters: Label=subsystems:bridge (drop)
Title Repro Cause bisect Fix bisect Count Last Reported Patched Closed Patch
KCSAN: data-race in br_handle_frame_finish / br_handle_frame_finish (8) bridge 1 158d 157d 25/26 63d 44bdb313da57 net: bridge: use DEV_STATS_INC()
WARNING in dev_index_reserve bridge C done 7120 135d 189d 23/26 133d f534f6581ec0 net: validate veth and vxcan peer ifindexes 30188bd7838c rtnetlink: Reject negative ifindexes in RTM_NEWLINK
KASAN: vmalloc-out-of-bounds Read in __ebt_unregister_table bridge netfilter C error 4 369d 369d 22/26 259d e58a171d35e3 netfilter: ebtables: fix table blob use-after-free
general protection fault in br_mst_info_size bridge C error 26 699d 703d 22/26 363d cde3fc244b3d net: bridge: mst: prevent NULL deref in br_mst_info_size()
memory leak in do_replace netfilter bridge C 1 524d 520d 22/26 363d 62ce44c4fff9 netfilter: ebtables: fix memory leak when blob is malformed
KASAN: slab-out-of-bounds Read in add_del_if bridge C unreliable 970 925d 902d 20/26 834d 9384eacd80f3 net: core: don't call SIOCBRADD/DELIF for non-bridge devices
general protection fault in br_switchdev_fdb_notify bridge C error 82 929d 934d 20/26 834d 0541a6293298 net: bridge: validate the NUD_PERMANENT bit when adding an extern_learn FDB entry
WARNING in compat_do_ebt_get_ctl bridge netfilter C done 15 1283d 1294d 15/26 1253d 5c04da55c754 netfilter: ebtables: reject bogus getopt len value
KASAN: slab-out-of-bounds Read in br_mrp_parse bridge C done 5 1371d 1372d 15/26 1314d 617504c67e01 bridge: mrp: Fix out-of-bounds read in br_mrp_parse
KASAN: use-after-free Read in br_dev_xmit bridge 1 1457d 1457d 15/26 1407d 823d81b0fa2c net: bridge: fix stale eth hdr pointer in br_dev_xmit
KMSAN: uninit-value in br_nf_forward_arp (3) bridge netfilter 2 1545d 1537d 15/26 1469d 5604285839aa net-backports: netfilter: bridge: make sure to pull arp header in br_nf_forward_arp()
KASAN: vmalloc-out-of-bounds Read in compat_copy_entries bridge netfilter C done 3 1530d 1530d 15/26 1469d e608f631f0ba netfilter: ebtables: compat: reject all padding in matches/watchers
memory leak in fdb_create (2) bridge C 1 1543d 1542d 15/26 1506d c4b4c421857d net: bridge: deny dev_set_mac_address() when unregistering
memory leak in fdb_create bridge C done 4 1664d 1704d 12/26 1639d d7bae09fa008 net: bridge: delete local fdb on device init failure
KASAN: use-after-free Read in brnf_exit_net bridge netfilter syz done 3 1705d 1708d 12/26 1662d 7e6daf50e1f4 netfilter: bridge: prevent UAF in brnf_exit_net()
KASAN: use-after-free Read in br_mdb_ip_get bridge 1 1852d 1851d 12/26 1727d 1515a63fc413 net: bridge: always clear mcast matching struct on reports and leaves
KMSAN: uninit-value in br_mdb_ip_get bridge 5 1792d 1850d 12/26 1728d 1515a63fc413 net: bridge: always clear mcast matching struct on reports and leaves
KASAN: use-after-free Read in br_multicast_rcv bridge 1 1810d 1810d 11/26 1792d 083b78a9ed64 ip: fix ip_mc_may_pull() return value
general protection fault in fdb_find_rcu bridge C 3 1884d 1880d 11/26 1863d f989d03ef25d net: rtnetlink: address is mandatory for rtnl_fdb_get
KASAN: use-after-free Read in nbp_vlan_rcu_free bridge 1 1928d 1928d 11/26 1903d 9d332e69c1dc net: bridge: fix vlan stats use-after-free on destruction
KMSAN: uninit-value in br_nf_forward_arp netfilter bridge 1 2092d 2089d 8/26 2045d b84bbaf7a6c8 packet: in packet_snd start writing at link layer allocation
KMSAN: uninit-value in ebt_stp_mt_check (2) netfilter bridge C 222 2053d 2085d 8/26 2053d c568503ef020 netfilter: x_tables: initialise match/target check parameter struct
WARNING in ebt_do_table bridge netfilter C 13 2062d 2087d 8/26 2053d 11ff7288beb2 netfilter: ebtables: reject non-bridge targets
KASAN: stack-out-of-bounds Write in compat_copy_entries bridge netfilter syz 10 2091d 2129d 5/26 2086d 94c752f99954 netfilter: ebtables: handle string from userspace with care
KMSAN: uninit-value in ebt_stp_mt_check bridge netfilter C 211 2086d 2131d 5/26 2086d a4995684a949 netfilter: bridge: stp fix reference to uninitialized data
WARNING: kobject bug in br_add_if bridge 41 2116d 2142d 5/26 2108d e8238fc2bd7b bridge: check iface upper dev when setting master via ioctl 3e14c6abbfb5 kobject: don't use WARN for registration failures
BUG: unable to handle kernel paging request in compat_copy_entries bridge netfilter syz 5 2181d 2180d 5/26 2129d b71812168571 netfilter: ebtables: CONFIG_COMPAT: don't trust userland offsets
BUG: unable to handle kernel paging request in ebt_among_mt_check (2) bridge netfilter C 946 2161d 2177d 4/26 2161d c8d70a700a5b netfilter: bridge: ebt_among: add more missing match size checks
BUG: unable to handle kernel paging request in ebt_among_mt_check bridge netfilter C 823 2179d 2194d 4/26 2179d c4585a2823ed netfilter: bridge: ebt_among: add missing match size checks
WARNING in compat_copy_entries netfilter bridge C 434 2179d 2194d 4/26 2179d b71812168571 netfilter: ebtables: CONFIG_COMPAT: don't trust userland offsets