Instances [tested repos]:
Name Last active Uptime Corpus Coverage 🛈 Crashes Execs Kernel build syzkaller build
Commit Config Freshness Status Commit Freshness Status
ci-openbsd-main now 9h11m 6946 41009 446 1395872 92850d3aeacc .config 20h23m a10a183e 1d00h
ci-openbsd-multicore now 8h54m 7330 43528 967 2867115 92850d3aeacc .config 20h23m a10a183e 1d00h
ci-openbsd-setuid now 9h02m 3838 28776 584 2439690 92850d3aeacc .config 20h23m a10a183e 1d00h
upstream (158):
Title Repro Cause bisect Fix bisect Count Last Reported Last activity
uvm_fault: vio_rxeof (2) 1 1d04h 1d04h 1d04h
openbsd build error (21) 1 2d19h 2d19h 2d19h
openbsd test error: SYZFATAL: failed to connect to host: dial tcp IP:NUM: connect: connection refused 27 23h38m 3d06h 3d06h
multicore test error: SYZFATAL: failed to connect to host: dial tcp IP:NUM: connect: connection refused 55 22h53m 3d06h 3d06h
panic: kernel diagnosticpm aap_susnewirrtei:o nw "irindugp ef o==r N pUmaLp L0xf" ffafiflfedd:NUM 0fil7e9 d"/s6yez4eka8l 1 3d16h 3d16h 3d16h
can't ssh into the instance 1 3d16h 3d16h 3d16h
protection_fault: nd6_timer 1 3d20h 3d20h 3d20h
uvm_fault: ufs_symlink 1 4d02h 4d02h 4d02h
panic: runtime error: slice bounds out of range [:NUM] with capacity NUM 1 4d20h 4d20h 4d20h
panic:p a nic : kernel diagnostic assertion "((flags & PGO_LOCKED) != NUM && rw_lock_held(uobj->vmobjlock)) || (flags & 1 5d03h 5d03h 5d03h
panic: wd changed: "\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00" -> "/root" 1 5d07h 5d07h 5d07h
panic: pool_do_get: vnodes: page empty 1 6d08h 6d08h 6d08h
panic: vwakeup: neg numoutput 1 6d11h 6d11h 6d11h
panic: runtime error: invalid memory address or nil pointer dereference [recovered] 2 7d05h 9d02h 9d02h
panic: inconsistent bufpage counts 1 9d04h 9d04h 9d04h
panic: trap type NUM, code=NUM, pc=3ca79 16 8h12m 9d06h 9d06h
protection_fault: sosend 1 9d15h 9d15h 9d15h
panic: m_copydata: short mbuf chain 1 10d 10d 10d
uvm_fault: rw_enter (3) 1 11d 11d 11d
assert "rw_write_held(uobj->vmobjlock)" failed in uvm_vnode.c 1 11d 11d 11d
panic: pmap_remove_ptes: unmanaged page marked PG_PVLIST: va ADDR, opte 0x2401 1 13d 13d 13d
panic: runtime error: index out of range [NUM] with length NUM 1 14d 14d 14d
uvm_fault: ufs_rmdir 1 15d 15d 15d
panic: ffs_blkfree: bad size (4) 1 15d 15d 15d
assert "obj == NULL || UVM_OBJ_IS_DUMMY(obj) || rw_write_held(obj->vmobjlock)" failed in uvm_page.c 1 15d 15d 15d
panic: acquiring blockable sleep lock with spinlock or critical section held (kernel_lock) &kernel_lock (8) C 175 8d11h 21d 21d
panic: trap type NUM, code=NUM, pc=3c6d9 26 13d 22d 22d
pool: free list modified: mbufpl (4) 1 22d 22d 22d
panic: reflect: call of reflect.Value.Uint on string Value [recovered] 1 22d 22d 22d
panic: inconsistent poll.fdMutex 3 2d13h 23d 23d
panic: reflect: call of reflect.Value.Int on string Value [recovered] 1 25d 25d 25d
pool: free list modified: pdppl (4) 6 8d15h 26d 26d
uvm_fault (3) 1 33d 33d 33d
panic: uvm_fault_WuAnRwNiIrNe_lGoc: SPLke d: NaOTddr essL OnWoEtRED iOnN mSapY 1 33d 33d 33d
panic: pool_do_get: sigapl: page empty 1 33d 33d 33d
panic: vrele: ref cnt 2 11d 34d 34d
panic: pool_do_get: pkpcb: page empty 1 34d 34d 34d
assert "pmap->pm_type != PMAP_TYPE_EPT" failed in pmap.c (3) 6 1d04h 35d 35d
panic: vop (2) 1 35d 35d 35d
panic: trap type NUM, code=NUM, pc=3c729 39 23d 35d 35d
assert "!ISSET(rt->rt_flags, RTF_LOCAL)" failed in nd6.c (3) 2 7d06h 36d 36d
assert "(pg->pg_flags & PG_BUSY) == NUM" failed in pmap.c 24 5h39m 37d 37d
panic: pool_do_get: filepl: page empty 1 38d 38d 38d
assert "mo->ro_magic == RWLOCK_OBJ_MAGIC" failed in kern_rwlock.c 1 38d 38d 38d
uvm_fault: VOP_LOCK (2) 3 18d 39d 39d
panic: trap type NUM, code=NUM, pc=3c709 1 39d 39d 39d
uvm_fault: arp_rtrequest (2) 5 15d 39d 39d
pool: cpu free list modified: mbufpl (4) 2 8d23h 39d 39d
uvm_fault: pool_do_get (3) 1 39d 39d 39d
panic: ifa_update_broadaddr does not support dynamic length (3) 19 4d10h 40d 40d
panic: pmap_remove_ptes: unmanaged page marked PG_PVLIST: va ADDR, opte 0x3efff 6 6d22h 40d 40d
protection_fault: solock_shared 2 37d 40d 40d
panic: broken type ref (4) 3 39d 40d 40d
panic: thread NUM p_stat is NUM 1 42d 42d 42d
assert "__mp_lock_held(&sched_lock, curcpu()) == NUM" failed in kern_lock.c (5) 23 1d09h 44d 44d
protection_fault: ifaof_ifpforaddr 2 43d 44d 44d
panic: vop_generConnection to closed by remote host. 1 44d 44d 44d
panic: ffs_fsync: not dirty 3 34d 44d 44d
panic: vref used where vget required (4) 4 8d18h 44d 44d
panic: ffs_freefile: freeing free inode 1 45d 45d 45d
panic: pmap_enter: PG_PVLIST mapping with unmanaged page: va ADDR, opte ADDR, pa ADDR (2) 1 45d 45d 45d
uvm_fault: checkalias 4 5d16h 46d 46d
panic: trap type NUM, code=NUM, pc=3c7a9 2 41d 46d 46d
protection_fault: strlcpy 1 46d 46d 46d
panic: time: Stop called on uninitialized Timer 2 41d 46d 46d
assert "bp->b_data != NULL" failed in vfs_biomem.c (5) 5 32d 46d 46d
panic: pool_do_get: rwobjpl: page empty 2 26d 46d 46d
uvm_fault: proc_trampoline 3 3d03h 48d 48d
pool: free list modified: tcpcb 1 49d 49d 49d
multicore boot error: can't ssh into the instance (6) 3 49d 49d 49d
uvm_fault: kcov_remote_enter (2) 2 46d 58d 58d
panic: (4) 1 60d 60d 60d
uvm_fault: witness_checkorder (5) 3 1d00h 61d 61d
uvm_fault: bpfioctl (4) 1 61d 61d 61d
assert "fp->f_count >= NUM" failed in kern_descrip.c 1 62d 62d 62d
uvm_fault: ufs_direnter (2) 1 64d 64d 64d
pool: free list modified: rttmr 5 1d01h 64d 64d
panic: runtime error: invalid memory address or nil pointer dereference (9) 6 3d16h 66d 66d
protection_fault: lf_advlock (4) C 2 14d 67d 67d
panic: wakeup: p_stat is NUM (4) 1 68d 68d 68d
uvm_fault: VOP_BWRITE 1 69d 69d 69d
panic: bad arg kind: <nil> (13) 1 72d 72d 72d
assert "((flags & PGO_LOCKED) != NUM && rw_lock_held(uobj->vmobjlock)) || (flags & PGO_LOCKED) == NUM" failed in uvm_vno (4) 6 5d04h 73d 73d
uvm_fault: strcmp 1 79d 79d 79d
assert "scan->kqs_start.kn_filter == EVFILT_MARKER" failed in kern_event.c 1 79d 79d 79d
protection_fault: __x86_indirect_thunk_r11 (2) 14 5d08h 80d 80d
uvm_fault: softclock (4) 9 50d 80d 80d
assert "nlevel >= IPL_NONE" failed in intr.c (2) 6 3d12h 81d 81d
protection_fault: witness_checkorder (3) 1 82d 82d 82d
panic: softclock: invalid to_clock: NUM 10 6h44m 83d 83d
panic: pmap_remove_ptes: unmanaged page marked PG_PVLIST: va ADDR, opte ADDR (4) 24 3d13h 83d 83d
panic: pool_do_get: pfstkey: page empty 1 85d 85d 85d
panic: softclock: invalid to_clock: -ADDR 13 16d 85d 85d
uvm_fault: rt_timer_timer 3 73d 85d 85d
protection_fault: sys_semop C 2 2d11h 86d 86d
panic: softclock: invalid to_clock: ADDR 56 5d07h 87d 87d
panic: missing alias (4) 1 87d 87d 87d
assert "ps->ps_uvncount == NUM" failed in kern_unveil.c (4) C 19 11d 91d 57d
assert "sc->sc_dev == NUM" failed in if_tun.c (5) 52 2d13h 92d 92d
panic: runtime error: index out of range [ADDR] with length NUM 16 4d13h 92d 92d
uvm_fault: db_read_bytes 30 15h10m 95d 95d
panic: vputonfreelist: lock count is not zero (3) 3 37d 96d 96d
uvm_fault: unveil_add_vnode 2 27d 97d 97d
assert "cifp != NULL" failed in route.c (3) 48 1d18h 100d 100d
uvm_fault: pool_gc_pages (2) 5 32d 100d 100d
protection_fault: icmp_mtudisc_timeout 3 53d 106d 106d
assert "ISSET(bp->b_flags, B_BC)" failed in vfs_bio.c 7 1d22h 116d 116d
uvm_fault: ffs2_balloc (3) 5 22d 126d 126d
syzkaller: testing failed: failed to run ["go" "test" "-short" "./..."]: exit status 1 (23) 168 43d 140d 140d
go runtime error 68 1d17h 147d 147d
uvm_fault: pf_purge_expired_states 2 70d 147d 147d
assert "pg->wire_count == NUM" failed in vfs_biomem.c (3) 126 2h40m 148d 148d
uvm_fault: pmap_page_remove (5) 8 9d01h 167d 167d
uvm_fault: km_free (2) 8 4d02h 169d 169d
panic: Non dma-reachable buffer at curaddr ADDR(raw) (2) 3 57d 186d 186d
protection_fault: done_flush (2) C 55 9d06h 196d 47d
assert "dupe == NULL" failed in uvm_page.c (4) 107 10h10m 197d 197d
panic: acquiring blockable sleep lock with spinlock or critical section held (rwlock) vmmaplk (3) 20 7h23m 214d 214d
uvm_fault: ktrops (2) C 7 79d 239d 239d
panic: ffs_update: bad link cnt (2) 23 2d12h 250d 250d
uvm_fault: db_enter (5) 46 1h20m 257d 257d
pool: free list modified: fdescpl (4) 14 3d22h 264d 264d
uvm_fault: schedclock syz 10 55d 265d 88d
kernel: page fault trap, code=NUM (3) C 53 13h48m 295d 53d
malloc: free list modified: free (4) C 14 44d 317d 316d
panic: trap type NUM, code=NUM, pc=NUM (3) 105 1d07h 346d 346d
witness: lock_object uninitialized: ADDR (3) C 330 8d17h 420d 278d
uvm_fault: hardclock (5) syz 4 296d 449d 449d
panic: ufsdirhash_lookup: bad offset in hash array (3) C 79 8d18h 460d 165d
kernel: protection fault trap, code=NUM (6) 42 15d 561d 561d
protection_fault: sys_msgrcv (2) C 31 20d 590d 347d
uvm_fault: memcpy (5) C 6 68d 594d 594d
assert "uvn->u_obj.uo_refs == NUM" failed in uvm_vnode.c (2) syz 2 598d 598d 598d
pool: free list modified: sockpl (3) 41 12d 614d 614d
protection_fault: pool_do_put (2) syz 34 38d 619d 295d
panic: vop_generic_badop (2) 82 6d06h 629d 629d
panic: pmap_unwire: invalid PDE syz 6 9d12h 652d 594d
no output from test machine (8) C 363607 now 661d 658d
uvm_fault: ffs_indirtrunc C 4 417d 705d 705d
witness: reversal: vmmaplk inode (3) C 473 3h28m 737d 688d
SYZFATAL: executor NUM failed NUM times: executor NUM: exit status NUM syz 173491 now 760d 760d
panic: bad dir (3) C 31 20h42m 767d 595d
panic: uvm_fault_unwire_locked: address not in map (4) C 152 4d05h 782d 763d
uvm_fault: x86_ipi_db (8) 218 6h14m 826d 826d
uvm_fault: ufs_lookup C 45 16d 862d 214d
kernel: double fault trap, code=NUM (2) C 29 20h34m 862d 813d
panic: trap type NUM, code=NUM, pc=ADDR (2) 340 17h45m 869d 869d
protection_fault: ktrops C 249 2d17h 872d 852d
protection_fault: sblock syz 38 696d 875d 875d
assert "uvm_page_owner_locked_p(pg)" failed in uvm_page.c 744 now 880d 880d
uvm_fault: fifo_write (2) C 3071 1h05m 883d 568d
SYZFAIL: tun: read failed syz 35263 3d17h 900d 869d
corrupted report (6) 1262 14m 979d 979d
uvm_fault: memset C 40 53d 1021d 1021d
SYZFAIL: command failed syz 2451 4d17h 1188d 871d
suppressed report 297824 now 1188d 1178d
panic: ufs_rename: lost dir entry C 68 16d 1562d 800d
lost connection to test machine (2) 836804 15m 1979d never