fixed bugs (71)
Name Active Uptime Corpus Coverage Crashes Execs Kernel build syzkaller build
Commit Freshness Status Commit Freshness Status
ci-openbsd-main now 6h39m 7936 39743 242 1541985 1be6ca1c 17h09m c68252d2 19h11m
ci-openbsd-multicore now 6h46m 7965 41818 334 2117788 1be6ca1c 17h09m c68252d2 19h11m
ci-openbsd-setuid now 6h31m 3789 25411 102 1893818 1be6ca1c 17h09m c68252d2 19h11m
upstream (38):
Title Repro Bisected Count Last Reported
panic: pool_cache_item_magic_check: mbufpl cpu free list modified: item addr ADDR+16 0x0!=ADDR (2) syz 4 1d01h 5d14h
uvm_fault: vio_rxeof 3 6h09m 5d15h
panic: pool_cache_item_magic_check: mbufpl cpu free list modified: item addr ADDR+16 ADDR!=ADDR 1 5d19h 5d19h
panic: attempt to execute user address 0x1 in supervisor mode 1 6d04h 6d04h
assert "cifp != NULL" failed in route.c 24 11h39m 10d
assert "ifp != NULL" failed in if_ether.c 23 7h44m 11d
panic: Data modified on freelist: word 5 of object ADDR size 0x100 previous type devbuf (0xd != ADDR) syz 2 11d 11d
uvm_fault: uvm_unmap_remove (2) C 379 now 11d
kernel: protection fault trap, code=0 (6) syz 3795 now 12d
panic: acquiring blockable sleep lock with spinlock or critical section held (kernel_lock) &kernel_lock (2) syz 1 12d 12d
pool: free list modified: mbufpl (2) syz 3 2d19h 12d
panic: attempt to execute user address 0x0 in supervisor mode 243 9m 13d
uvm_fault: memcpy (2) syz 152 13m 13d
uvm_fault: rtable_satoplen (3) syz 35 11h31m 13d
panic: ifa_update_broadaddr does not support dynamic length syz 2935 1h55m 13d
assert "ln != NULL" failed in nd6.c 1 18d 18d
panic: vref used where vget required 1 21d 21d
uvm_fault: bpfioctl syz 7 16d 63d
panic: ffs_blkfree: bad size 2 82d 87d
uvm_fault: pfi_kif_update 4 1d11h 90d
panic: in_cksum: out of data, len 63 1 100d 100d
assert "la != NULL" failed in if_ether.c 3 115d 117d
panic: pfi_dynaddr_update 2 38d 118d
uvm_fault: ml_purge 6 114d 120d
uvm_fault: pfi_ifhead_RB_REMOVE 1 121d 121d
kernel: double fault trap, code=0 1 130d 130d
uvm_fault: vfs_lookup 1 155d 155d
pool: free list modified: shmpl C 22 111d 205d
assert "!_kernel_lock_held()" failed in kern_fork.c 13 7d05h 231d
panic: uvm_fault_unwire_locked: address not in map (2) 7 111d 238d
witness: reversal: inode fdlock C 523 28d 241d
witness: reversal: vmmaplk inode C 78749 now 242d
uvm_fault: pmap_page_remove 7 4d03h 260d
assert "ps->ps_uvncount == 0" failed in kern_unveil.c syz 226 17h19m 266d
assert "pg->wire_count == 1" failed in vfs_biomem.c 24 7d01h 271d
lost connection to test machine (2) 557678 now 273d
panic: fifo_badop called C 8571 6h35m 302d
no output from test machine C 301396 now 347d