Instances [tested repos]:
Name Last active Uptime Corpus Coverage 🛈 Crashes Execs Kernel build syzkaller build
Commit Config Freshness Status Commit Freshness Status
ci-openbsd-main now 7h59m 7774 38888 78 3053234 42b2aea6fbc1 .config 12h01m 9fe51b7c 17h27m
ci-openbsd-multicore now 8h13m 8253 42286 105 4642261 42b2aea6fbc1 .config 12h01m 9fe51b7c 17h27m
ci-openbsd-setuid now 8h05m 5375 29434 74 4156025 42b2aea6fbc1 .config 12h01m 9fe51b7c 17h27m
upstream (74):
Title Repro Cause bisect Fix bisect Count Last Reported Last activity
uvm_fault: witness_checkorder (4) 1 4d16h 4d16h 4d16h
panic: Non dma-reachable buffer at curaddr ADDR(raw) (2) 1 7d00h 7d00h 6d23h
uvm_fault: pool_do_put (3) 1 9d17h 9d16h 9d16h
uvm_fault: VOP_LOCK 1 12d 12d 12d
pool: free list modified: shmpl (4) 1 14d 14d 14d
panic: vConnection to closed by remote host. 1 16d 16d 16d
protection_fault: done_flush (2) 4 1d07h 17d 13d
assert "dupe == NULL" failed in uvm_page.c (4) 2 4d20h 18d 18d
panic: runtime.errorString("integer divide by zero") 1 21d 21d 21d
protection_fault: __x86_indirect_thunk_r11 1 28d 28d 28d
uvm_fault: rw_enter (2) 1 33d 33d 33d
pool: cpu free list modified: mbufpl (3) 1 34d 34d 34d
panic: acquiring blockable sleep lock with spinlock or critical section held (rwlock) vmmaplk (3) 1 35d 35d 35d
uvm_fault: softclock_process_kclock_timeout (2) 1 35d 35d 35d
pool: free list modified: mbufpl (3) 1 38d 38d 38d
assert "sc->sc_dev == NUM" failed in if_tun.c (4) 1 50d 50d 50d
panic: ffs_blkfree: bad size (2) 1 60d 60d 60d
uvm_fault: ktrops (2) C 6 54d 60d 60d
panic: uvm_fault_unwire_locked: addrepasnsi cno:t i n k er n e l dmaipagnostic assertion "!_kernel_lock_held()" fa 1 61d 61d 61d
multicore build error (17) 5 3d15h 67d 67d
panic: ffs_update: bad link cnt (2) 1 70d 70d 70d
kqueue: knote !ACTIVE (2) 2 62d 74d 74d
uvm_fault: db_enter (5) 2 29d 78d 78d
panic: db_mtx_enter: mtx ADDR: locking against myself 1 78d 78d 78d
assert "__mp_lock_held(&sched_lock, curcpu()) == NUM" failed in sched_bsd.c 2 79d 80d 80d
panic: voserialport: Connection terminated to allow system upgrade. Please reconnect at your convenience. 1 82d 82d 82d
assert "self->ci_proc_pmap == p->p_vmspace->vm_map.pmap" failed in pmap.c syz 2 83d 83d 83d
panic: wakeup: p_stat is NUM (3) 1 84d 84d 84d
pool: free list modified: fdescpl (4) 6 38d 85d 85d
uvm_fault: schedclock 3 29d 86d 86d
assert "pg->wire_count == NUM" failed in vfs_biomem.c (2) 2 74d 104d 104d
kernel: page fault trap, code=NUM (3) 5 7d01h 116d 116d
assert "((flags & PGO_LOCKED) != NUM && rw_lock_held(uobj->vmobjlock)) || (flags & PGO_LOCKED) == NUM" failed in uvm_vno (3) 4 18d 119d 119d
panic: thread ADDR not in SRUN: NUM 4 76d 129d 129d
protection_fault: witness_checkorder (2) C 311 20d 135d 83d
malloc: free list modified: free (4) C 10 15d 138d 137d
panic: rw_enter: solock locking against myself (2) syz 3 28d 155d 155d
panic: trap type NUM, code=NUM, pc=NUM (3) 6 7d05h 167d 167d
assert "ps->ps_uvncount == NUM" failed in kern_unveil.c (3) 132 13d 184d 184d
syzkaller: testing failed: failed to run ["go" "test" "-short" "./..."]: exit status 1 (22) 15 52d 227d 227d
witness: lock_object uninitialized: ADDR (3) C 310 1d23h 240d 99d
uvm_fault: hardclock (5) syz 4 117d 269d 269d
panic: ufsdirhash_lookup: bad offset in hash array (3) 33 12d 280d 280d
protection_fault: lf_advlock (3) 6 68d 308d 308d
assert "ifp != NULL" failed in if_ether.c (5) 177 6h49m 381d 381d
kernel: protection fault trap, code=NUM (6) 26 6d11h 382d 382d
protection_fault: sys_msgrcv (2) C 29 28d 411d 167d
uvm_fault: memcpy (5) C 5 13d 415d 415d
assert "uvn->u_obj.uo_refs == NUM" failed in uvm_vnode.c (2) syz 2 419d 419d 419d
pool: free list modified: sockpl (3) 22 34d 435d 435d
protection_fault: pool_do_put (2) syz 29 25d 439d 116d
panic: vop_generic_badop (2) 62 29d 450d 450d
panic: pmap_unwire: invalid PDE syz 4 415d 473d 415d
no output from test machine (8) C 289085 12m 482d 479d
uvm_fault: ffs_indirtrunc C 4 238d 526d 526d
witness: reversal: vmmaplk inode (3) C 426 153d 558d 509d
SYZFATAL: executor NUM failed NUM times: executor NUM: exit status NUM syz 149421 now 581d 581d
panic: bad dir (3) C 13 5d07h 587d 415d
panic: uvm_fault_unwire_locked: address not in map (4) C 111 12h06m 603d 584d
uvm_fault: x86_ipi_db (8) 135 20h27m 647d 647d
uvm_fault: ufs_lookup C 29 35d 683d 35d
kernel: double fault trap, code=NUM (2) C 9 1d22h 683d 634d
panic: trap type NUM, code=NUM, pc=ADDR (2) 206 11d 689d 689d
protection_fault: ktrops C 186 10h01m 693d 673d
protection_fault: sblock syz 38 516d 696d 696d
assert "uvm_page_owner_locked_p(pg)" failed in uvm_page.c 115 1d18h 701d 701d
uvm_fault: fifo_write (2) C 1774 4h37m 704d 388d
SYZFAIL: tun: read failed syz 35260 47d 721d 689d
corrupted report (6) 581 12h08m 800d 800d
uvm_fault: memset C 30 125d 842d 842d
SYZFAIL: command failed syz 2450 458d 1009d 691d
suppressed report 194642 now 1009d 999d
panic: ufs_rename: lost dir entry C 62 39d 1383d 621d
lost connection to test machine (2) 819712 23m 1799d never