Applied filters: Label=subsystems:bcachefs (drop)
Title Repro Cause bisect Fix bisect Count Last Reported Patched Closed Patch
INFO: task hung in __writeback_inodes_sb_nr (6) bcachefs C done 768 8h35m 363d 1/27 never PM: hibernate: Fix block device handling in test_resume mode
WARNING: locking bug in __timer_delete_sync bcachefs 1 16d 12d 17/27 never b79922009214 bcachefs: Add missing synchronize_srcu_expedited() call when shutting down
UBSAN: array-index-out-of-bounds in lock_timer_base bcachefs 2 4d07h 11d 17/27 never b79922009214 bcachefs: Add missing synchronize_srcu_expedited() call when shutting down
kernel BUG in gc_bucket bcachefs C done 221 8d11h 13d 16/27 never 9432e90df1b8 bcachefs: Check for invalid bucket from bucket_gen(), gc_bucket()
UBSAN: array-index-out-of-bounds in bch2_bkey_swab_key bcachefs 2 7d11h 5d17h 0/27 never bcachefs: Fix array-index-out-of-bounds
WARNING: locking bug in srcu_gp_start_if_needed bcachefs 2 1d22h 3d12h 0/27 never bcachefs: Fix initialization order for srcu barrier
UBSAN: shift-out-of-bounds in bch2_sb_dev_has_data bcachefs C done 15 33d 31d 26/27 3d11h bcfbaea8e547 bcachefs: Fix shift overflows in replicas.c
kernel panic: not locked: inodes NUM:ADDR:NUM cached bcachefs C 2 30d 26d 26/27 3d11h 6ce26ad376bd bcachefs: Fix missing parens in drop_locks_do()
kernel BUG in bch2_btree_iter_verify_entry_exit bcachefs C done 3 23d 29d 26/27 3d11h 765b8cb8acab bcachefs: Check for subvolues with bogus snapshot/inode fields
kernel BUG in bch2_checksum bcachefs C done 9 20d 31d 26/27 3d11h 6b74fdcc8e25 bcachefs: bch2_checksum() returns 0 for unknown checksum type
general protection fault in poll_state_synchronize_srcu bcachefs 5 23d 23d 26/27 3d11h d293ece10810 bcachefs: Fix shutdown ordering
kernel BUG in cpu_replicas_add_entry bcachefs C done 11 14d 32d 26/27 3d11h 5fa421448d1f bcachefs: Fix bogus verify_replicas_entry() assert
kernel BUG in __journal_res_get bcachefs C done 7 12d 36d 26/27 3d11h cd3b31f9d417 bcachefs: Ensure we're RW before journalling
KASAN: stack-out-of-bounds Read in __bch2_encrypt_bio bcachefs C done 2 33d 31d 26/27 3d11h 2ba24864d2f6 bcachefs: Fix stack oob in __bch2_encrypt_bio()
UBSAN: shift-out-of-bounds in bch2_btree_lost_data bcachefs C done 3 29d 28d 26/27 3d11h f108ddd467b5 bcachefs: Fix shift overflow in btree_lost_data()
kernel BUG in bch2_fs_release bcachefs 3 15d 20d 26/27 3d11h d509cadc3a48 bcachefs: Fix debug assert
kernel panic: bch_dev->ref underflow, last put: bch2_trigger_alloc bcachefs C done 6 21d 32d 26/27 3d11h 9667214b30ef bcachefs: Fix ref in trans_mark_dev_sbs() error path
general protection fault in __bch2_insert_snapshot_whiteouts bcachefs C done 65 18d 31d 26/27 3d11h 6d48e61364ae bcachefs: Add missing guard in bch2_snapshot_has_children()
KASAN: slab-use-after-free Read in evict_inodes bcachefs C done 2 35d 31d 26/27 3d11h d93ff5fa40b9 bcachefs: Fix race path in bch2_inode_insert()
general protection fault in crypto_skcipher_encrypt crypto bcachefs C error 66 3d12h 30d 26/27 3d11h c06a8b75679d bcachefs: Fix bch2_alloc_ciphers()
KMSAN: uninit-value in bch2_dirent_invalid bcachefs C 239 3d12h 31d 26/27 3d11h 2195b755ebd2 bcachefs: Fix unsafety in bch2_dirent_name_bytes()
kernel BUG in bch2_fs_recovery bcachefs C done done 161 36d 41d 26/27 3d23h 7ffec9ccdc6a bcachefs: don't free error pointers
UBSAN: shift-out-of-bounds in read_one_super bcachefs C done 31 10d 39d 26/27 9d01h 71dac2482ad3 bcachefs: BCH_SB_LAYOUT_SIZE_BITS_MAX
WARNING: kmalloc bug in bch2_dev_buckets_resize bcachefs C 17 9d18h 41d 26/27 9d01h db42549d402c bcachefs: Add a better limit for maximum number of buckets
WARNING in __virt_to_phys (3) bcachefs C 447 9d02h 42d 26/27 9d01h 7ffec9ccdc6a bcachefs: don't free error pointers
KMSAN: uninit-value in __bch2_write_index bcachefs 1 41d 41d 26/27 9d01h 1267df40acb2 bcachefs: Initialize bch_write_op->failed in inline data path
BUG: unable to handle kernel paging request in bch2_fs_btree_key_cache_exit bcachefs C 1002 9d02h 42d 26/27 9d01h b30b70ad8bff bcachefs: Fix early error path in bch2_fs_btree_key_cache_exit()
WARNING: suspicious RCU usage in bch2_fs_quota_read bcachefs C done 24 9d22h 39d 26/27 9d01h 8060bf1d83f7 bcachefs: Fix snapshot_t() usage in bch2_fs_quota_read_inode()
UBSAN: shift-out-of-bounds in __bch2_bkey_invalid bcachefs C done 6 14d 39d 26/27 9d01h 2bb9600d5d47 bcachefs: Guard against unknown k.k->type in __bkey_invalid()
KASAN: slab-out-of-bounds Read in bch2_sb_downgrade_to_text bcachefs C done 32 26d 39d 26/27 9d01h 692aa7a54b2b bcachefs: Fix sb_field_downgrade validation
KASAN: slab-out-of-bounds Read in bch2_sb_clean_to_text bcachefs C done 3 30d 39d 26/27 9d01h f39055220f6f bcachefs: Add missing validation for superblock section clean
kernel BUG in bch2_alloc_v4_invalid bcachefs C error 3 16d 39d 26/27 9d01h 6b8cbfc3db75 bcachefs: Fix assert in bch2_alloc_v4_invalid()
KASAN: slab-out-of-bounds Read in bch2_varint_decode_fast bcachefs C 583 9d07h 42d 26/27 9d01h 4a8521b6bb81 bcachefs: Inodes need extra padding for varint_decode_fast()
UBSAN: shift-out-of-bounds in bch2_bkey_format_invalid bcachefs C 45 11d 37d 26/27 9d01h 61692c7812ab bcachefs: bch2_bkey_format_field_overflows()
UBSAN: shift-out-of-bounds in rewrite_old_nodes_pred bcachefs C done 3 40d 39d 26/27 9d01h 0ec5b3b7ccfc bcachefs: Fix shift-by-64 in bformat_needs_redo()
kernel BUG in bch2_btree_node_read_done bcachefs C error 5 39d 42d 26/27 9d01h a2ddaf965f6a bcachefs: bucket_pos_to_bp_noerror()