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ci-upstream-net-this-kasan-gce 3h12m 16h00m 38250 279421 230 326681 be27b8965297 .config 6d09h failing 1f11cfd7 1d03h all only
Applied filters: Manager=ci-upstream-net-this-kasan-gce (drop)
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INFO: task hung in nfsd_nl_listener_get_doit nfs 34 19h07m 3d01h 💬 7 [19h09m]
KASAN: slab-out-of-bounds Read in mini_qdisc_pair_swap net 2 84d 3d22h
net test error: WARNING: suspicious RCU usage in _destroy_all_sets netfilter 13 3h12m 4d04h
INFO: task hung in nfsd_nl_rpc_status_get_start nfs 44 8h52m 4d16h 💬 1 [4d16h]
INFO: task hung in devinet_ioctl (5) net 44 7h51m 4d17h
INFO: task hung in ppp_exit_net (4) ppp 61 1h11m 5d03h
INFO: task hung in mpls_net_exit (2) net 46 8h46m 5d03h
WARNING in rdev_scan wireless C done 3 2d08h 6d19h PATCH [6d19h]
possible deadlock in kvfree_call_rcu (2) net C unreliable 89 1d11h 7d13h
WARNING in bond_xdp_get_xmit_slave (2) net 7 2d23h 8d05h
INFO: task hung in bpf_prog_dev_bound_destroy bpf 89 4h18m 9d17h
INFO: task hung in __tun_chr_ioctl (6) net 52 1d12h 11d
INFO: task hung in wiphy_unregister (2) wireless 54 51m 11d
INFO: task hung in nsim_destroy (4) net 123 7h50m 18d
INFO: task hung in ieee80211_unregister_hw wireless 139 8h19m 18d
INFO: task hung in wg_netns_pre_exit (4) wireguard 111 8h08m 19d
KASAN: slab-out-of-bounds Read in cfg80211_wext_freq wireless C inconclusive 116 1h59m 20d PATCH [18d]
INFO: task hung in wg_destruct wireguard 182 54m 20d
INFO: task hung in nfsd_nl_listener_set_doit nfs syz 1760 7h11m 20d 💬 1 [20d]
possible deadlock in sock_map_update_common (2) bpf net C done 12 10d 21d
INFO: trying to register non-static key in netdev_unregister_kobject pm C inconclusive 12 47d 22d
WARNING in __cfg80211_connect_result (2) wireless 65 1d09h 22d
possible deadlock in __mmap_lock_do_trace_acquire_returned (2) mm C error 180 10h05m 22d
possible deadlock in __lock_task_sighand (3) bpf C done 26 1d10h 22d
general protection fault in dev_map_enqueue (2) bpf net C error 179 10h05m 22d
WARNING: refcount bug in ax25_release (3) hams 38 1d04h 22d
INFO: task hung in regdb_fw_cb wireless 539 3h50m 24d
INFO: task hung in crda_timeout_work (7) wireless 1000 52m 24d
WARNING in __rate_control_send_low (2) wireless syz 207 9h49m 26d
possible deadlock in get_partial_node bpf 13 1d05h 27d
WARNING in cfg80211_bss_color_notify wireless C error 7 17d 28d
INFO: task hung in addrconf_dad_work (4) net 2441 57m 29d
WARNING in minstrel_ht_update_caps wireless C inconclusive 24 7d22h 30d
KASAN: slab-use-after-free Read in skb_queue_purge_reason (2) bluetooth 9 2d03h 32d
WARNING in sco_chan_del bluetooth 4 12d 38d
INFO: rcu detected stall in sock_write_iter (3) netfilter C done 10 2d03h 42d 💬 1 [41d]
KFENCE: invalid free in __hci_req_sync bluetooth 23 3d22h 45d
WARNING: suspicious RCU usage in get_callchain_entry perf C error 1271 22h13m 49d
possible deadlock in team_del_slave (3) net C error 46925 now 53d 💬 1 [18d]
WARNING in stack_depot_save_flags block C error 1 58d 54d
INFO: task hung in reg_check_chans_work (6) wireless C error 101 1d09h 55d PATCH [1h50m]
WARNING: locking bug in netdev_unregister_kobject (2) pm 9 46d 56d
WARNING in netdev_queue_update_kobjects (2) fs C error 18 56d 56d 💬 1 [55d]
KASAN: use-after-free Read in netdev_unregister_kobject pm C error 202 32d 56d 💬 3 [55d]
WARNING in skb_ensure_writable net bpf C done 2687 1h58m 56d PATCH [3d21h]
KASAN: invalid-free in hci_req_sync_complete bluetooth 141 5h47m 57d
KASAN: slab-use-after-free Read in skb_release_head_state bluetooth syz 92 1d06h 57d 💬 1 [48d]
possible deadlock in __stack_map_get bpf C error 27 2d15h 60d 💬 2 [59d]
possible deadlock in queue_stack_map_push_elem bpf C error 38 1d19h 61d
WARNING in __xdp_reg_mem_model bpf net C done 90 1d14h 62d 💬 1 [5d13h]
possible deadlock in sock_hash_update_common bpf net C error 38 12d 63d
WARNING in l2cap_chan_send bluetooth 12 1d12h 65d
possible deadlock in __queue_map_get bpf C error 139 2h08m 66d PATCH [32d]
possible deadlock in sock_map_unref net bpf 9 32d 70d
KASAN: global-out-of-bounds Read in __timer_delete bluetooth 1 76d 71d
KASAN: slab-use-after-free Read in __hci_req_sync bluetooth C error 2925 now 71d 💬 2 [8d00h]
BUG: unable to handle kernel paging request in jhash bpf C done done 14 53d 72d
INFO: rcu detected stall in sys_clone (8) bpf C error 30 3d23h 81d 💬 10 [17d]
possible deadlock in hsr_dev_xmit (2) net C done 146 14h10m 81d 💬 2 [44d]
KASAN: slab-use-after-free Read in mgmt_pending_foreach bluetooth 1 86d 82d
WARNING in validate_chain mm C error error 19 53d 82d
possible deadlock in trie_update_elem bpf 74 4d15h 82d
possible deadlock in sk_psock_drop bpf net 56 7d21h 83d
KASAN: slab-use-after-free Read in __ethtool_get_link_ksettings net 30 1d14h 87d PATCH [70d]
general protection fault in bpf_check (2) bpf C done done 7 76d 87d 💬 1 [18d]
BUG: soft lockup in do_sock_setsockopt tipc netfilter C 10 3d22h 87d 💬 1 [87d]
possible deadlock in trie_delete_elem bpf C done 17504 1h21m 90d PATCH [10d]
possible deadlock in sock_map_delete_elem bpf net C error 869 7d10h 91d
INFO: task hung in register_nexthop_notifier (3) net 33 14h27m 92d 💬 3 [88d]
possible deadlock in __bpf_ringbuf_reserve bpf C error 428 1h25m 97d 💬 6 [5d13h]
WARNING in rxrpc_alloc_data_txbuf afs net C unreliable error 9845 63d 97d PATCH [97d]
KASAN: slab-out-of-bounds Read in btf_datasec_check_meta bpf C done 8327 6h18m 99d PATCH [98d]
possible deadlock in team_port_change_check (2) net C done 203 13h36m 109d 💬 5 [103d]
INFO: rcu detected stall in sys_syslog (2) input usb syz 2 23d 118d
WARNING in __mptcp_clean_una mptcp C done 247 7h43m 122d
WARNING in hci_send_cmd bluetooth 4 38d 127d
BUG: unable to handle kernel paging request in bpf_probe_read_kernel_str mm C done error 4 115d 132d
possible deadlock in smc_release net s390 C error 26 7d12h 136d
BUG: unable to handle kernel paging request in bpf_probe_read_compat_str mm C done error 4 118d 143d 💬 1 [136d]
general protection fault in tipc_udp_nl_dump_remoteip tipc 5 6d20h 147d
INFO: rcu detected stall in fq_pie_timer (2) net C done 6 7d03h 173d 💬 2 [172d]
WARNING: ODEBUG bug in advance_sched net C done 10 21d 179d 💬 1 [179d]
KASAN: slab-use-after-free Read in advance_sched net C error 15 54d 182d 💬 5 [115d]
INFO: task hung in addrconf_verify_work (8) net C error 1214 1h12m 182d
KASAN: slab-use-after-free Read in taprio_dump net C error 54 13d 182d 💬 3 [180d]
WARNING: proc registration bug in bcm_connect fs C inconclusive 320 12d 188d
WARNING in tcp_recvmsg_locked (2) net C done 3 45d 195d 💬 1 [195d]
go runtime error syz error 19 78d 207d
WARNING in format_decode (3) bpf trace C done 880 6d06h 209d PATCH [203d]
KASAN: slab-use-after-free Write in sco_sock_timeout bluetooth C done 244 6d09h 215d PATCH [213d]
INFO: trying to register non-static key in sco_sock_timeout (2) bluetooth 5 52d 218d
KASAN: slab-use-after-free Write in hci_conn_drop (2) bluetooth C done 7 97d 228d 💬 2 [121d]
KASAN: slab-use-after-free Read in reweight_entity kernel C inconclusive error 626 122d 246d 💬 3 [244d]
possible deadlock in task_fork_fair bpf C done 8632 3d00h 254d 💬 1 [5d13h]
INFO: rcu detected stall in worker_thread (9) mm C done 750 7h03m 254d PATCH [248d]
general protection fault in lock_sock_nested bluetooth C done done 199 10h58m 281d
INFO: rcu detected stall in sys_openat (3) mm kernfs block C error 50 2d11h 289d
INFO: task hung in reg_process_self_managed_hints wireless C done 16 5d02h 301d
INFO: rcu detected stall in sys_clock_nanosleep (5) kernel C error done 38 4d14h 306d
panic: runtime error: floating point error (2) syz error 13 44d 329d
INFO: rcu detected stall in wait4 (4) kernel C error done 35 7d20h 336d
possible deadlock in ext4_da_get_block_prep ext4 23 99d 345d
WARNING in restore_regulatory_settings (2) wireless C done error 33 60d 348d 💬 1 [347d]
WARNING: refcount bug in sco_sock_timeout (2) bluetooth 7 1d16h 356d 💬 1 [189d]
WARNING in inet_sock_destruct (4) net C done 763 14h37m 360d 💬 4 [49d]
unregister_netdevice: waiting for DEV to become free (8) net C done 5074 25m 374d PATCH [126d]
KASAN: slab-use-after-free Write in sco_conn_del bluetooth C done 68 7d05h 385d 💬 2 [39d]
INFO: task hung in synchronize_rcu (4) net fs C done error 307 6h31m 411d 💬 6 [94d]
INFO: task hung in del_device_store net syz error 272 9h56m 470d
possible deadlock in evict (3) ext4 496 4h42m 475d 💬 3 [4d04h]
possible deadlock in rfcomm_dlc_exists bluetooth C error 12954 8d12h 514d PATCH [42d]
possible deadlock in br_multicast_rcv (3) bridge C done error 53 53d 518d
WARNING in print_bfs_bug (2) kernel C done 282 7d20h 536d 💬 2 [104d]
INFO: rcu detected stall in syscall_exit_to_user_mode (2) usb C inconclusive 327 11h01m 560d 💬 5 [8d00h]
INFO: task hung in linkwatch_event (3) net 1509 53m 573d 💬 5 [112d]
BUG: MAX_LOCKDEP_ENTRIES too low! (3) no-reminders net C unreliable 469 8d08h 579d PATCH [362d]
WARNING in call_timer_fn bluetooth syz unreliable 3038 1h34m 579d 💬 8 [8d00h]
WARNING in ip_rt_bug (2) net C done error 142 2d09h 614d
inconsistent lock state in find_vmap_area input usb kernfs C done inconclusive 49 388d 707d
general protection fault in rose_transmit_link (3) hams 27 92d 719d 💬 3 [87d]
INFO: task can't die in vlan_ioctl_handler net 107 3d15h 750d
WARNING in ext4_dirty_folio mm C inconclusive done 25792 1h02m 814d 💬 1 [18d]
INFO: rcu detected stall in gc_worker (3) netfilter C done done 68 3d21h 821d 💬 1 [103d]
BUG: "hc->tx_t_ipi == NUM" holds (exception!) at net/dccp/ccids/ccid3.c:LINE/ccid3_update_send_interval() dccp C inconclusive 57 2d06h 889d 💬 1 [34d]
WARNING in ieee80211_free_ack_frame (2) wireless C error done 83 6d05h 946d PATCH [34d]
BUG: MAX_LOCKDEP_CHAINS too low! (3) no-reminders kernel C error 199571 now 947d PATCH [362d]
INFO: rcu detected stall in sys_exit_group (7) net C unreliable inconclusive 75 5d15h 976d
KASAN: use-after-free Read in __dev_queue_xmit (5) block C unreliable error 49 108d 987d
possible deadlock in rfcomm_sk_state_change bluetooth C done 21745 4d11h 1009d PATCH [42d]
INFO: rcu detected stall in net_tx_action net C unreliable done 37 43d 1082d 💬 1 [691d]
BUG: MAX_LOCKDEP_KEYS too low! (2) no-reminders net nfc C unreliable 3794 1d04h 1125d PATCH [362d]
general protection fault in try_to_wake_up (2) io-uring C done done 3581 1d17h 1207d 💬 9 [64d]
INFO: task can't die in corrupted (2) kernel C error error 57 9d10h 1285d
WARNING in ieee80211_start_next_roc wireless C inconclusive 794 5h46m 1287d
WARNING in drv_remove_interface wireless C done inconclusive 10 20d 1344d
WARNING in __ieee80211_beacon_get wireless C done 9999 now 1352d 💬 6 [7d23h]
WARNING in drv_bss_info_changed C done error 9565 343d 1354d
INFO: rcu detected stall in batadv_nc_worker (3) batman C done inconclusive 293 5h17m 1356d 💬 1 [253d]
WARNING in __cfg80211_ibss_joined (2) wireless C error 4506 11h20m 1363d
general protection fault in skb_release_data (2) net bluetooth C done error 632 1h51m 1378d
INFO: rcu detected stall in corrupted (4) kernel C done inconclusive 479 1d19h 1382d 💬 7 [68d]
KASAN: use-after-free Read in corrupted (4) C done error 10 415d 1406d 💬 2 [747d]
WARNING in hci_conn_timeout bluetooth C done 5117 10h46m 1416d PATCH [306d]
INFO: rcu detected stall in tc_modify_qdisc net C done 479 5d05h 1420d 💬 13 [49d]
INFO: task hung in switchdev_deferred_process_work (2) net C inconclusive 1184 4h35m 1421d 💬 5 [18d]
BUG: soft lockup in smp_call_function kernel C done 1130 1d22h 1436d 💬 1 [451d]
INFO: rcu detected stall in iterate_cleanup_work (2) netfilter C done inconclusive 4 685d 1442d
INFO: rcu detected stall in netlink_sendmsg (4) net C done error 38 349d 1539d
INFO: task hung in tls_sk_proto_close C done error 1037 15d 1541d
WARNING in kcm_write_msgs net C done 515 1d18h 1552d 💬 5 [49d]
BUG: workqueue lockup (5) kernfs C done 4544 4h06m 1616d
possible deadlock in __dev_queue_xmit (3) net C done inconclusive 992 3d17h 1659d 💬 5 [18d]
WARNING in rcu_check_gp_start_stall net C done error 733 5h13m 1942d 💬 7 [412d]
INFO: task hung in rtnetlink_rcv_msg net C inconclusive inconclusive 1866 52m 1942d 💬 27 [18d]
KASAN: use-after-free Read in refcount_sub_and_test_checked (2) perf syz done error 10 1587d 1994d 💬 9 [1790d]
INFO: rcu detected stall in do_idle acpi C done error 1981 8h32m 2075d 💬 39 [1623d]
KASAN: use-after-free Read in ccid2_hc_tx_packet_recv dccp C done error 102 5d07h 2269d 💬 2 [34d]
moderation (4):
Title Repro Cause bisect Fix bisect Count Last Reported Discussions
WARNING: refcount bug in sco_conn_del (3) bluetooth 1 78d 74d
lost connection to test machine (5) C error 1196387 now 1676d
corrupted report (2) net 511959 now 2260d
no output from test machine (2) C done 1528237 now 2383d