Out of 73 bugs, 73 were automatically obsoleted (0 due to revoked reproducers), 0 were invalidated by users.
Title Repro Cause bisect Fix bisect Count Last Reported
WARNING in ext4_write_inode 5 100d 182d
BUG: soft lockup in sys_sendmsg 2 101d 107d
KASAN: use-after-free Read in slip_open 1 101d 101d
INFO: task hung in f2fs_write_data_pages 1 106d 106d
BUG: soft lockup in mld_ifc_work 1 106d 106d
INFO: task hung in cangw_pernet_exit_batch 2 108d 128d
possible deadlock in j1939_sk_queue_drop_all 1 108d 108d
INFO: task hung in filemap_fault 2 112d 136d
INFO: task hung in jbd2_journal_commit_transaction 1 112d 112d
kernel BUG in pskb_expand_head 1 114d 114d
INFO: task hung in usb_deregister_dev 1 116d 116d
BUG: stack guard page was hit in rtnl_newlink 2 117d 117d
INFO: rcu detected stall in tc_ctl_action 1 118d 118d
kernel BUG in txAbort 1 120d 120d
possible deadlock in __hrtimer_run_queues 1 121d 121d
INFO: task hung in hfs_mdb_commit 1 121d 121d
INFO: task hung in nfc_targets_found 1 125d 125d
INFO: task hung in addrconf_dad_work 2 126d 157d
INFO: task hung in vfs_unlink 2 127d 138d
INFO: rcu detected stall in sys_sendfile64 1 128d 128d
possible deadlock in hci_unregister_dev 1 129d 129d
WARNING: bad unlock balance in l2cap_bredr_sig_cmd 2 140d 140d
possible deadlock in sch_direct_xmit 2 141d 179d
INFO: task hung in addrconf_verify_work 2 140d 191d
BUG: unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference in nilfs_segctor_do_construct 1 130d 130d
WARNING: ODEBUG bug in netdev_freemem 1 139d 139d
WARNING in hfsplus_ext_write_extent 1 144d 144d
INFO: task hung in blkdev_common_ioctl 3 143d 193d
INFO: rcu detected stall in sys_symlinkat 1 147d 147d
INFO: task hung in __sync_dirty_buffer 2 135d 158d
KASAN: invalid-free in dbUnmount 2 136d 151d
INFO: rcu detected stall in sys_exit_group 1 134d 134d
KASAN: use-after-free Read in xfs_inode_item_push 1 145d 145d
INFO: task hung in ip_tunnel_delete_nets 1 140d 140d
INFO: task hung in f2fs_balance_fs 20 134d 198d
INFO: task hung in lock_buffer 14 149d 167d
kernel BUG in balance_leaf 4 151d 162d
BUG: unable to handle kernel paging request in __d_add 2 151d 152d
KASAN: use-after-free Read in ntfs_attr_find 3 151d 163d
WARNING in untrack_pfn 2 152d 160d
kernel panic: stack is corrupted in lock_acquire 1 152d 152d
kernel BUG in ext4_ind_map_blocks 1 152d 152d
WARNING in btrfs_finish_ordered_io 1 152d 152d
WARNING in invalidate_bh_lru 1 153d 153d
INFO: task hung in rxrpc_release 1 153d 153d
INFO: task hung in nci_close_device 1 153d 153d
INFO: rcu detected stall in wg_ratelimiter_gc_entries 1 154d 154d
WARNING in ext4_expand_extra_isize_ea 3 156d 174d
possible deadlock in open_xa_dir 3 157d 166d
INFO: task hung in user_get_super 2 158d 164d
KASAN: slab-out-of-bounds Read in ext4_enable_quotas 2 163d 170d
INFO: rcu detected stall in sys_wait4 1 163d 163d
WARNING in udf_new_block 1 163d 163d
KASAN: out-of-bounds Read in ntfs_resident_attr_value_resize 1 164d 164d
INFO: task hung in hub_event 2 164d 193d
WARNING in drv_link_info_changed 1 164d 164d
INFO: task hung in devinet_ioctl 1 165d 165d
KASAN: use-after-free Read in reiserfs_release_objectid 1 165d 165d
WARNING in inc_nlink 81 142d 165d
UBSAN: shift-out-of-bounds in dbDiscardAG 1 176d 176d
WARNING in btrfs_chunk_alloc 1 177d 177d
INFO: task hung in coredump_task_exit 1 177d 177d
possible deadlock in exc_page_fault 1 178d 178d
kernel BUG in process_one_work 1 179d 179d
inconsistent lock state in valid_state 1 180d 180d
WARNING in rtnl_dellink 1 184d 184d
WARNING in default_device_exit_batch 2 184d 185d
INFO: rcu detected stall in sys_clock_nanosleep 1 186d 186d
INFO: task hung in packet_mc_add 1 188d 188d
linux-6.1.y build error 1 188d 188d
INFO: task hung in usbdev_release 1 190d 190d
possible deadlock in f2fs_handle_error 1 194d 194d
WARNING: bad unlock balance in ext4_rename2 21 183d 188d